Jailbreak and Update to iOS 5.0.1 with Sn0wbreeze 2.8b11

*UNLOCKERS* Please note that ultrasn0w is not yet compatible with 5.0.1, however there is now a fix. After following this tutorial to update to 5.0.1 make sure you follow our ultrasn0w on 5.0.1 fix.

Today, iOS 5.0.1 was released which addressed battery drain issues with a few other changes as well. For those who are waiting for an untethered , you should not update to because pod2g's upcoming untethered iOS5 jailbreak will require an exploit that was patched in today's 5.0.1 release. If you don't care about being and want to update to 5.0.1 while preserving your baseband so you can , you can use

Sn0wbreeze 2.8b11 - Win
iOS5 IPSW(iPhone3,1_5.0.1_9A405_Restore.ipsw)

Step 1: Download the necessary files above. Open up Sn0wbreeze 2.8b11 and you will be greeted with the following screen.

Step 2: Hit the blue arrow to go to the next page and select your iOS 5.0.1 IPSW file that you downloaded above. After you select it, it will verify the firmware and give you a green checkmark like you see below.

Step 3: Now that you have verified your firmware, click the blue arrow button again and you will be taken to a screen where you can select which mode you would like to use. If you are unlocking you will want to use expert mode.

Step 4: Now on the next page you will see some options. Pretty much the only option you need to be concerned about is "Hacktivating." This option will allow users with an unofficial carrier to bypass the activation screen(which requires an official AT&T sim to activate and bypass). It is important that you check this option now otherwise you will have to hacktivate with Redsn0w after this process. The hacktivate option can be found under the "General" tab.

Step 5: That is the ONLY option you should have to change, so now keep hitting the blue arrow until you get back to the main screen and select "Build IPSW" after you click Build IPSW and click the blue arrow again, Sn0wbreeze will begin to create your custom firmware. This process takes about 8 minutes. Once it is done, there will be a custom firmware on your desktop starting with the word "Sn0wbreeze" it will also place an application called "iBooty" onto your desktop. iBooty is the sn0wbreeze version of "just boot tethered now."

Step 6: Now click "OK" on the done screen and you will be taken to the iReb DFU Pwner screen. You MUST be in Pwned-DFU mode in order to restore a custom firmware. Follow the DFU-Pwner on-screen options. Basically you just have to put your device into DFU mode, then iReb will detect the device in DFU mode and put it into a Pwned-DFU state. If you've done it correctly you will see the dialog box below.

Step 7: Now that you are in Pwned-DFU mode, all that's left to do is restore the custom sn0wbreeze firmware that is now on your desktop. Open up iTunes and click on your device in the left hand bar. Hold down shift and then click restore which will bring up a dialog window asking you to select your custom firmware. Select the firmware on your desktop with the filename starting with "sn0wbreeze." DO NOT select a factory firmware, this will update your baseband and make unlocking impossible!

Step 8: After you've restored your custom iOS5 firmware there is just one last step. Since this is a tethered jailbreak you need to now use the iBooty program that was placed on your desktop by Sn0wbreeze while your custom firmware was being created. If for whatever reason sn0wbreeze didn't create an iBooty folder on your desktop, click here to download iBooty 2.3. Open it up and select your device in the drop-down and then select start. Once again, it will walk you through putting your device into DFU mode and then it will exploit your device with the limera1n exploit.

Step 9: That's all there is to it! Once iBooty detects your device in DFU mode, it will boot it up and you should now be on iOS5 with the same baseband you had on 4.x and Cydia will be preinstalled. Remember since this is a tethered jailbreak you MUST use iBooty or Redsn0w to boot tethered EVERY time the phone reboots.

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  • http://Simonsfilmblogg.blogspot.com Simon

    Im on baseband 05.16.05 Does this mean that i can update to 5.01 and be able tu unlock it with snowbreeze and then use any carrier?? :D

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Yes, if you follow this tutorial it will preserve your baseband.

    • Peter

      Hi Simon, did you get the “No Service” problem after upgrading ?
      If yes, what did you do to solve it ?

      • http://Simonsfilmblogg.blogspot.com Simon

        I haven´t tried upgrading yet, but now i will :)

  • Edu-Br

    Hi Guys,
    First of all, you are best for develop such amazing tools.
    I did all like it is suggested but after reset, I pass the Sn0wbreeze running logo and get stuck on Apple running logo, it not get over.
    Do you have any Idea how to fix it?

    Many Thanks in Advance!


    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      You need to boot tethered like it says in the tutorial

    • Rohit

      brother i am stuck with the same problem…..plz mail me if you find a solution to it….il be pleased !!!!

  • saikek

    Nope, baseband goes only UP.

  • Spencer

    I made a mistake today and upgraded my iOS 5.0 iPhone 4 (baseband preserved with Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8) to iOS 5.0.1 without preserving my baseband. I still have my custom sn0wbreeze_iPhone 4-5.0.ipsw file. I’ve tried to do DFU mode restore with this file but when Apple is verifying the restore I receive error 3194. I’ve add this line ( gs.apple.com ) to the host file, rebooted, and plugged in the phone to the rear usb, but no luck :(

    Any help would would be appreciated. Thanks

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      There’s no way to downgrade iOS5 firmware, and there is no way to downgrade baseband, I’m afraid you are stuck.

  • Peter

    Baseband 05.16.05
    I have successfully jailbroken my iphone 3GS to iOS 5.01….but it shows “No service”
    Can you please help me for this ?
    Tried many ways but still cant help for that.
    Thnx a lot

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      The 05.16.05 baseband is not unlockable, you will have to update to 06.15.00 baseband if you want to unlock.

      • Alice

        I have the same problem, how can i change my baseband? Everyone says i have to flash in the iPad baseband but nobody told me how

        Redsnow doesn’t offer this option and i’m using mac

        Thank you in advance

        • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

          You need to use an older version of redsn0w, 0.9.6rc6 is a good one to use. Use it with a 4.2.1 IPSW file to install the iPad baseband.

  • tushar

    Ur tutorial is useful thnx :)
    i just want to ask dat once i performe tethered jailbreak with snowbreeze can i jailbreake it with semi tethered from cydia ?? plz help me out

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Yes, Semi-Tether will work on all tethered iOS5 jailbreaks, regardless of the method you used to jailbreak.

  • thunder

    Can i use the same tutorial to upgrade from IOS 4.3.4 baseband 4.10.01 to IOS 5.0.1? i don’t need a jailbreak, only to preserve baseband.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Yes, just follow the same steps but use baseband preservation only mode.

  • Adam

    I’m very optimistic… hence needs to double check with all who’ve been there done that. What is there to watch for with a 3gs/old bootrom/06.15.00/ios4.3.3? This tutorial hints about unlocking, so can one plan on unlocking with Cydia after this jailbreak?

    Thank you for pointing all the gotchas.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      All you need to do is update with a custom firmware when you decide you want to update so as not to corrupt your baseband. Since you have an old bootrom 3Gs you will always have an untethered jailbreak no matter what firmware comes out.

  • Chris

    Did anybody else’s icons go missing…I jailbroke with snowbreeze 2.8b11 iOS 5.o.1 and well the got the spinning ring of death and redid the jailbreak and today booted my phone and he icon are gone..:HELP!!! I really don’t kntnto restore again

  • Paco

    I (little sister) disabled my iphone 3gs last night and i dont want to restore but this seems to be the only option but when i connect to itunes it says i need to unlock it first, which obviously i cant do. If i do this will i be able to remove my passcode? Or will it still be disabled?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      The only way to remove a passcode is to restore, put the device into DFU mode and then hit restore in iTunes, when it reboots the passcode will be gone.

    • Ash

      this can be removed with iFunbox not sure on how to do it as i done it a few months ago but it can be done! Google ;)

  • Veeru V

    Thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
    Its worked for iphone 4 5.0.1
    Great thank u

  • nsane

    Hi i made upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 and after that i have one signal bar. I’ve tried veryv’s solution from upgarding to iOS 5 thread and installed ultrasn0w 1.2.4. Unfortunately with no success, there is still one signal bar :| Any ideas? Cheers

  • jamie Johannes

    I have an tmoblie sim i have updated to 5.01 and have a baseband 16.15.00 but still have no service even with ultrasn0w can anyone help?? now it wont work with my 02 sim?? This is on Iphone 3gs 32g new boot

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Did you update using a custom firmware? If not, you corrupted your baseband and you will have to reinstall it.

      • jamie Johannes

        yep i think that is it im on baseband 16.15.00 but i dont need to be can i get off it??

        • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

          No, once you’ve updated to the 06.15.00 baseband you are stuck there forever, there is no way to downgrade or upgrade from that baseband.

          • jamie Johannes

            how do i get the 06.15.00 baseband working agian??

  • Fred14587

    it’s impossible for me to restore my iphone when i select the option ( activate the iphone ) after i have restore he blocked with the apple logo… ( I have test with recovery fix but not work )
    or i restore the iphone in expert mode with no option in general but he start normaly and no in tethered mode ( but i have cydia in my appliacation but he dosen’t work )
    my baseband is 4.10.01 and she not change.

  • manish

    i am getting no service..after installing..ultraSnow 1.2.4…what to do…
    how to unlock it

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      You have to have a baseband that’s compatible with ultrasn0w in order for this to work.

      • manish

        I have baseband 6.15.0 which i preserved..using above steps..for jailbreak…
        But I am not able to unlock it using Ultrasnow 1.2.4
        Please suggest what need to be done

  • jacky

    it is work on me ~ thx

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  • Mike

    Hi thanks for the tools!!
    but after i follow all the instruction with snowbreeze. I pass the snowbreeze logo but it gets stopped on the apple logo and i booty doesn’t recognize the device.

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • Jenny

    Hi! I have the ios 5.0 and i have allready jailbreak my iphone. Can i update to ios 5.0.1 without losing the jailbreak and the apps i downloaded with it?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      No, there is no way to update to 5.0.1 without losing jailbreak, also you should stay on 5.0 if you want an untethered jailbreak, the exploit that is being used in the upcoming untethered jailbreak was patched in 5.0.1 so if you update you will lose your chance to untether. Please only post comments on one post in the future. Thanks!

  • shafi

    i tryed to restore my iphon4 as 5.0.1 framevier . while i restoring i am getting error 3194 please tell me how can fix it

  • ahmed

    please help me , i do all the steps , but when iam in the DFU stage a message get in the itunes asking me to restore my device !! why is that

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      When iTunes detects a device in DFU mode it automatically prompts the user to restore by default, just ignore it.

  • Andrea

    Hello I have an iPhone 4 on 5.0.1 with jb and baseband at 01.59.00. it shows only one bar of signal and the Italian sim I have does not work.

    Any suggestions?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      5.0.1 is not yet compatible with ultrasn0w, you will need to downgrade to iOS4 if you want to unlock.

  • eazy

    i updated to 5.0.1 on iPhone 3GS, preserving baseband using sn0wbreeze, i instal ultrasn0w, but my phone keep saying no service, my baseband 06.15.00, thanks anybody.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Ultrasn0w is not yet compatible with 5.0.1.

  • Alexander

    Help needed… I tried to restore to a custom Framework ios 5.0.1 using the Snowbreeze as described above… after the restore is complete in iTunes, my iphone4 is stuck with apple logo & a non moving progress bar… I tried it 2-3 times & on another pc, but nothing is working… Plz guide me… Thanks a ton in advance…

  • naqi

    I followed this tutorial . After the itunes restore completes, itunes gives the error :

    iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred. (-1)

    Can you please help? Phone went back to itunes logo

  • Mous

    Hi JaeM1llz,

    I’ve an Iphone 4 with baseband 4.1.I’m planing to update to IOS5.0.1 as soon as an unthered JB is released, but bit afraid.I’m currently unlocked with Gevey Ultra.Is it safe to upgrade with above steps without loosing the unlock?

    Many thanks,

  • chris

    iv downloaded the iOS5 IPSW and it saved into my downloads, but when i browse on snowbreeze it wont find it


    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      If you used Internet Explorer, it probably changed the extension to .zip. Change it back to .ipsw or sn0wbreeze won’t see it.

  • jamie

    hi i followed the tutorial, everything went fine but my iphone 3gs didnt not reboot after restore and is stuck in recovery mode with blank screen. can anybody help please ? thanks

  • dayan

    Hi I’m having some trouble in creating an IPSW with snowbreeze. Snowbreeze fails always. It says “snowbreeze has failed to create your custom IPSW” “could not find the file ‘C:/Users/Username/AppData/Local/Temp/sn0wbreeze/locationd’. ” I have tried disabling my anti-virus and running it as administrator and nothing happens. Can u help me with my problem?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      I’m sorry I’ve never heard of that issue with Sn0wbreeze before, I will ask ih8sn0w and see if he has any ideas.

      • dayan

        Thank you JaeM1llz. I hope they have a solution to my problem. Is there another way to bypass the SIM activation without its original sim? I have iPhone 3GS

        • Michael

          Hi there,
          had the same error as you running snow breeze on xp.
          all i di was add the temp directory to the application data folder, ran as admin and it now works like a charm

  • Alexander

    Hello All, I need some immediate & urgent help…
    Model : Iphone 4
    IOS : custom ipsw 5.0.1 with preserving the base band of 04.10.01.
    Jailbreak : yes thru cydia ofcourse.
    Problem : NO SERVICE on my AT&T GO-PHONE… I tried a lot of things but nothing is working, I don’t have any other operator’s SIM to test my IPHONE4. I got a new SIM from AT&T that did not work, installled RedSnow did not work… Reset all Network did not work… I even tried with GEVEY SIM but my Iphone does not even show single signal bar….
    PLEASE HELP ME EXPERTS…. It’s 15th day with the iphone4 problem….
    THANKS in advance…

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      AT&T is an official carrier, there is no need to unlock to use an AT&T sim. If you aren’t getting any service take the phone to AT&T and have them figure it out.


    Does it work with iOS 5.0.1 with firmware 4.11.08?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      There’s no point in preserving your baseband if you’re already on 04.11.08

    • ly


      i saw your comment and i have the same version and baseband as you did you unlock/jailbreak you phone?

      thank you,

  • Reborned

    Hello there
    First thank you for your amazing work and nerves to answer to everyone’s questions :)
    I had 1 question too.
    I have 3GS on iOS 5.0. My phone is buyer from T mobile and I use their number too, so I don’t have unlock problems so far. BUT I want to have option to unlock my phone later just in case if I want to change the operator if I would want to sell the phone later. Currently my firmware is 05.16.05. I need to go al the way through your tutorial? It will be ok? I will be able to go on 5.0.1 and still with 05.16.05 baseband? And why you keep telling that it’s better to stay on ios 5.0 for unthethered JB. They found how they can make unthetered JB on iOS 5.0.1 I think. It’s a just a metter of time (couple of weeks). Thank you for your answers.
    Keep up the good work!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      When I was telling people to stay on 5.0, that was before Pod2g had confirmed that his jailbreak would work on 5.0.1. People are free to update to 5.0.1 now since he has confirmed it is working on the newest firmware. Any time you update your firmware you just want to be sure to restore a custom firmware and not a factory firmware. Restoring a custom firmware will never update your baseband.

  • Reborned

    And if by some chance if I update sometime through iTunes I will loose my unlock and GPS or there is no damage if I update my firmware but I stay on my current provider? Only when I change provider I can loose GPS?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      You only lose GPS by updating to the iPad baseband. You will lose your unlock every time you update or restore.

  • noah

    I just followed these steps using a custom firmware to upgrade from 4.2.6 (i have a verizon CDMA iphone 4) to 5.0.1. My baseband I preserved (even though I’m not unlocking and am on verizon network) and my modem firmware is: 1.0.05

    I am getting no signal from my provider and reading through the comments here it seems that when people have the same problem it’s because of their baseband (which honestly I barely understand yet as i’ve never had a reason to learn).

    please help

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      There’s no reason to update with a custom firmware if you are on Verizon. Custom firmware is only for GSM iPhones to preserve their baseband. Restore a factory iOS 5.0.1 firmware and you should have no problems.

  • Ray

    FUCK FUCK FUCK. Everything on my ipod got erased. I should’ve made a backup
    Thanks for the tutorial though, I was trying to use redsn0w but wasn’t quite working for me

  • Yamil.

    My iphone 4 won’t go into dfu mode ! & I’m following the exact instructions , sometimes it goes to recovery mode ? Can I do it while on recovery mode ?

  • Jessie

    Getting error 3194

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Probably means your iTunes is outdated.

      • gangsta musik

        i updated mines and still get this error code

  • gee

    hello, i followed up the tutorial, i wanted to upgrade my iphone 3gs with bb (05.12.01) to ios 5.0.1… got few errors at d begging but were managable until i got error 9.. couldt do anything about it.. some say it might be a hardware issue or sumthin but i doubt it..i tried many methodds now including reinstalling itunes and re install back..
    any experts here might help with this??

  • Angel

    Can i backup phone’s data and then restore it after the new custom firmware is on?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz


    • pravesh alex

      Yes you can, I did it on my iphone 4 on ios 5.0.1 custom framework.

  • bubzz

    okay so i used a custom sn0wbreeze iwps to jailbreak but now i have no signal what should i do..i’ve got ultrasn0w my wildcard is activated on sam prefs HELP!!!!!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      What baseband?

  • da

    hi, i have iphone 4s 5.0.1
    is it possible to jail break?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Not yet

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  • den

    got error 1604!!!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Usually means you aren’t in pwned-DFU mode.

  • Spruga4eva

    Updated to 5.0.1 with custom firmware but getting no service or searching what can I do to fix this

    • Anonymous

      Did you install Ultrasn0w? And what baseband are you on?

  • Ltawam

    when i use the custom firmware would my BB get updated ? tell me now before i do it ? thanks .

    • Anonymous

      Nope, restoring a custom firmware will never update your baseband. You should use our new Sn0wbreeze 2.9 tutorial though, this tutorial is for a tethered jailbreak. The 2.9 post is on the homepage!

  • Luke Dyas

    Hi There,

    Thanks for the guide. I’m on custom IPSW 5.0.1, I’m on 16.15.00 BB however after Ultrasn0w seems to successfully unlock my BB I get ‘No Service’ displayed at the top.. Any ideas?

  • Farrukh-mohammad

    my snowbreeze says the ipsw file is not valid….any ideas?

  • http://www.facebook.com/schamarthy Santosh Chamarthy


    I have update my iPhone 3GS from 4.1 to 5.01,After jailbreak and installing the ultrasn0w. I am getting “no service” I have tried to read some blogs and fond that we need to flash the Base band for resolving this issue.However when i try to flash my BB (6.15.0). I am getting an error saying tried to connect for 60000ms giving up now. I have downgraded to 4.1 and tried to flash the base band and I am able to do that with out any issues. could any one suggest what i should do to upgrade to 5.01???

    thank you

    • Reylags

      pls help me how you do to upgrade 4.1 to 5.0.1, pls guide me to do this what application or intaller i must download to  do this. pls help me…

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