Chronic Dev Team admits to Apple patching a few critical exploits and releases C-Dev Crash Reporter beta

Just now, the Team has admitted to what many of us had been speculating, Apple managed to patch a few of the critical that they announced they had discovered at 2011. Many people have been wondering what has been taking so long for the iOS5 and now it is clear why.

On the plus side, as we announced just a bit ago, they have come up with a way for average jailbreakers and regular iPhone users to them discover exploits for future jailbreaks. The way that Apple finds these exploits is by crash reports that are sent to them when your phone crashes and if you have it set to diagnostic data to Apple. Of course, ideally nobody would enable diagnostic data to be sent to Apple but since it is absolutely impossible to make that happen it's pointless to even try.

The Chronic Dev Team is now giving you the ability to send your diagnostic information directly to them to help them find exploits they can use to develop jailbreaks. With their C-Dev Reporter(Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter) you can now send them the same information that Apple uses to find and patch exploits. This is a great way to give back to the community and requires next to no technical knowledge(click a button). All you have to do is connect your device, open the program and click "Do it!" you don't even have to be jailbroken so tell your friends and family to help out as well :) No private data or anything like that will be sent to them, just diagnostic information the same as Apple would get if you chose to send it to them so no need to worry.

You can read their full blog post about what they call "Weapons of Mass Exploitation" at their homepage.

C-Dev Crash Reporter - OSX
C-Dev Crash Reporter - Win

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