Working iBooks fix for jailbroken iOS5 with icon fix

*UPDATE* Users on iOS 5.0.1 there is a much simpler now in Cydia check out our iBooksFix2 post.

Yesterday we posted a video from ih8sn0w demoing a version of iBooks running on iOS5. Unfortunately he stated that he would not be releasing the fix because it was "unstable." However, today a method has surfaced for enabling on a jailbroken iOS5 device via SSH. I am not sure if this is the same method that ih8sn0w was using in his video, but it does work.

Step 1. If you have iBooks installed already, remove it and then install it through the App Store but don't open it.

Step 2. Copy from /var/mobile//(iBook's coded folder)/ to var//Applications using iFile

Step 3. Open the file /var/stash/Applications/ with the Property List Manager in iFile and look for the CFBundleIdentifier section and change the text to

Step 4. Respring

You will now have a working iBooks on your jailbroken iOS5 device! However there are a few issues I have noticed so far. First and foremost is that iBookstore doesn't work and neither does iTunes syncing for iBooks. Because of this, the only way to get your ebooks into iBooks is to import them through DropBox. The other issue is that this method will make your iBooks square instead of rounded. However there is a fix for the problem. Save the images below and upload them to /var/stash/Applications/ and overwrite the ones that are currently in there.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

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  • Andy Q

    Don’t bother it’s another RED HERRING !!!!

    • JaeM1llz

      Lol, how so

      • Andy Q

        Attempted it and it failed!!!!

        • JaeM1llz

          It works fine, I’ve done it on two iPhone4s

  • Karac

    didnt work for me.. :(

    • JaeM1llz

      It works, make sure you follow the instructions carefully. You must remove all traces of iBooks before using this method and then you must install iBooks through the App Store app and perform these steps BEFORE running it.

  • oazgasme

    doesn´t work for me too!!!

  • iHouari

    Is not working for me, and now I have to icons, the original one and the square one…

    • JaeM1llz

      That means it worked. Just delete the original one and then replace the icons in the new one with the ones from this post.

    • xardad

      You have to change names of the images to those below them (if you save images just by right cilck then names will be diffrent)

      • JaeM1llz

        Thanks for the tip :) fixing iBooks is much easier now with iBooksFix2

  • Kude

    I get you can’t sync with itunes but what if you sync and load all your books on to the ipad BEFORE doing this fix and then fix it will the books already loaded onto ipad will the books already loaded show up in ibooks after the fix?

    • JaeM1llz

      You can use dropbox to transfer ebooks from your computer to your iDevice

  • Nzinga

    I have ifile and save the icons above to camera roll. Not sure how to upload directed. Cutting and pasting images not working.

    • JaeM1llz

      Make sure the images are the correct filenames in your camera roll and make sure you are putting them in the correct folder as directed above

  • Hydeny

    i’ve already success for fix the ibooks.. and my ibooks icon has square one (not rounded anymore).. i can access my ibooks via transfer e-books from SSH.. but still i can’t fix my icon with yours.. i’ve already to replace your rounded icons to /var/stash/Applications/ via ifile… after that i restart my iphone (with my redsn0w of course)… but my ibooks icon is still square..
    i’ve already to check my “/var/stash/Applications/” to.. and the icons it’s already change with rounded to… that’s weird..

    • JaeM1llz

      Try rebooting instead of respringing

      • Hydeny

        actually i use rebooting not only respring.. because SBsetting doesn’t installed yet on my iphone

    • Alf

      Make Sure You write Fix not fix capital F hope its help

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  • Alf

    100% work Try fresh restore and when you installed ibooks don’t open working on iOS 5.0.1

  • Hira Mohibullah

    Kept trying the method impeccably with no avail. But then i read somewhere that downloading sbs settings helps. So i followed the exact procedure and once i resprang my phone i deleted the official app and clicked on the fix. But it wouldnt work. So i opened sbssettings and went to applications and clicked on ibooks. The only thing that came up was a pathname. Now i have NO idea how this worked because to be honest idomt have a clue what sbsettings is even used for
    Lol. I gave the pointed square icon one last go and it worked like a charm. So before you start with the procedure make sure you download sbsettings first! Oh and i got all
    My books and pdfs back! Im so so relieved thankyou!!

    • Mmb1028

      Thank you so much, it really worked for me:)

      • Anonymous

        Great to hear the fix worked for you.

  • anon

    I tried the above on a 1st gen iPad and it didn’t work (tried 5x). Found this on another site and it worked perfectly:
    uninstall ibooks app
    add as a new source in cydia
    search for “ibooks fix for ios 5″ and install it
    you’ll have a blank icon for iBooks but it works and you can sync books using iTunes

  • Gbenedio Dave

    it works perfectly …..

    an easier way to load books will be to get the books onto ifile and then open them using ‘open with ibooks ‘ option. the books will get added to ibooks-fixed library.

  • Gbenedio Dave

    am using a first Gen ipad.

  • v1nsai

    Is it able to save your place on iBooks between devices, like if I’m reading the same thing on my phone and I open it on my iPad will it start where I left off on my phone?

  • Prashant

    i updated my ipad1 to ios5.0.1 today n jailbroke it using redsnow 0.9.9b9d..
    After respringing at step 4 there was only the original curved icon n no square icon but the good thing is that the original icon is working totally well now n its even syncing books with iTunes :)) :)
    Thanks a lot

  • mohsen

    thank you very much

  • Wayne Stacy

    Folks for what it is worth I am a complete NOOB at dealing with ANY of the non point and click design features of jailbreaking….with that said, and you can believe me or not, I do not care, this is what I did.

    After following post after post, thread after thread, attempt after attempt. I tried the redsnow fix, the corona fix, and the IBooksFix 2…….none of it worked.

    So I cobbled some things I had seen in a couple of different posts together:

    1 I uninstalled the IBooksFix 2
    2. I installed IFile
    3. I deleted the IBooks app from the applications folder in IFile
    4. I rebooted
     At this point Ibooks was totally gone
    5. I installed SBSettings
    6. I installed a FRESH copy of Ibooks from the Mobile Ap store directly to my phone.

    And the damned thing opened right up……..

    I am no hacker, I have no clue if I got lucky,….but that is all I did.

    Hope it works for you.

  • Samp1800

    This fucking thing fucked up my glasklart Hd theme and I can’t change the icon from a tan square to a glasklart. I’ve tried this 8 fucking times just for the glasklart icon. Thank you for fucking my spring board up

    • JaeM1llz

      If you followed the tutoria,l it would not have done anything to any of your themes, you do not edit any theme files. Maybe your theme does not have an icon for iBooks.