JailbreakMe.com is dead Jailbreaks.me is the new home of Comex’ jailbreak

Update: Saurik was able to purchase the original JailbreakMe.com domain from the owner and has now restored . Please disregard this post.

Last month we reported that @comex had been hired by Apple. Since then, he has been anything but silent in the jailbreaking scene, much to our surprise and delight! Over the past few days, the owner of the JailbreakMe.com domain, where hosts his popular JailbreakMe 3.0 , has replaced the jailbreak tool with a tribute to Steve Jobs. Both @MuscleNerd and comex warn that @ConceitedApps, the owner of the domain who apparently is in the process of or already has sold the domain, is NOT part of the dev team and that JailbreakMe.com should no longer be trusted.

For now, comex has secured the new domain http:// which currently only redirects to his Twitter profile but apparently it will soon become home to JailbreakMe 3.0. Anyone who wants to Jailbreak with JailbreakMe should now use this new URL.