Release of iPhone 4S Means No iPhone 5 This Year

Well folks it's official. Months and months of rumors and "leaked cases" and mockups from German companies and it was all for nothing. this year. Tim Cook has announced that the only new iPhone that will be released this year is the iPhone 4S which physically will look identical to the iPhone 4. However, Tim wants to remind us that the inside is a brand new phone.

The iPhone 4S will still sport the same retina display with the same size, however inside the iPhone4s will sport the A5 processor, an 8mp camera and dual-core graphics which will reportedly allow up to 7x the graphics processing as the previous iPhone.

This is rather disappointing seeing as how all the rumors have been leading up to the release of the iPhone 5 this year, although it does go to show you that you should never trust rumors. Even if they come from the Wall Street Journal. How do you feel about this news?

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