iPhone4 Siri port now communicating with Apple servers (Video)

Those of us who have not upgraded to the iPhone4S continue to wait patiently(well most of us) for a port to other devices. Another step forward has been made in recent hours. The initial port of Siri to the iPhone4 that we reported was the UI only, meaning all of the files were ported successfully but lacked the ability to function because check to make sure the request is being sent from a 4S.

Luckily for us, this security message has been bypassed by @stroughtonsmith and the Siri port can now communicate with Apple servers by using a validation token taken from an iPhone4S. Siri is now running and operating perfectly on the and should be ported to other devices when it is eventually released. However, it has been stated that due to microphone restrictions on models earlier than , it may be impractical to use Siri on the 3Gs since Siri needs a clear voice input in order to work.

Of course, this is still only a "proof of concept" and we still probably won't see a public release of the port until an untethered jailbreak is made available and the developers can figure out a way to distribute the files and the security token without infringing on Apple copyrights. For now, there are many sites claiming to have a way to port Siri already, you are advised to avoid these tutorials as they are untested, based on very early ports by Steve and known to cause issues with the UI.

Here is a of Siri running on an iPhone4 exactly as it does on the iPhone4S(proving that Siri being iPhone4S exclusive was not a hardware restriction but rather an attempt by Apple to force people to upgrade their phones for the new feature). The white device is the iPhone4(you can tell by the mute/volume positioning). At the end he performs the same command on both devices simultaneously to show you that there is absolutely no loss of performance on the iPhone4.

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  1. AZE300 says:

    Please, I had tried to install siri on my iphone 4, I did a mistake so my iPhone had completly OFF, in the other hand, there is no need to install just the interface, it’s stupid, I was stupid to do such thing

    • JaeM1llz says:

      If you can still connect to your device via SSH try deleting the “assistant” entry you added to your plist file and removing all the files that you were instructed to transfer over. If that doesn’t work you will have to restore your device with iTunes.

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