iOS5 Cydia Compatibility – A List of iOS5 Compliant Cydia Tweaks Apps and Customizations

Now that many of our users have updated to iOS5 and have begun jailbreaking their devices it has become painfully apparent that many of the on Cydia are not yet compliant with iOS5 causing a bunch of headaches for our users guessing and checking which they can download.

In order to avoid frustration and time wasting, a group of people have compiled a Google spreadsheet which contains the known of many of the major apps, and customizations that are hosted on Cydia. Before you go to install your favorite tweak on your newly jailbroken iOS5 device, make sure you check this list first to see if it's . If it's not and you try to install it, you will find yourself in an endless safe-mode loop until you uninstall the incompatible package.

  • Dennis

    Activator not working on my ipad

    • JaeM1llz

      Make sure you have version 1.5.7, it works on iOS5 just fine.