ih8sn0w teases iBooks on Jailbroken iOS5 (Video)

*Update* Now there is a working iOS5 iBooks fix via SSH/iFile

One of the downfalls of the current jailbreak is that does not work once jailbroken. @ih8sn0w the creator of has teased a YouTube video(see below) of iBooks running a jailbroken iOS5 device.

According to ih8sn0w, the issue is because of how redsn0w and sn0wbreeze performed sandbox patches in the kernel. Sandbox is a security measure that is used to ensure applications such as Safari don't have access to personal information or system files.

Unfortunately, he goes on to say that he will not be releasing the . Apparently the is unstable and he does not feel comfortable releasing it, however, hopefully this will inspire someone else to release a or maybe he will decide to improve on it so that he can release it to the public. Until then, jailbreakers will still have to go without iBooks.