Five New Exploits Found In Apple A5 Chip For iPad 2 And iPhone 5, Future Jailbreak Imminent!

This is big, big news. In fact, we’d call it the biggest news of the week: hacker p0sixninja of Chromic Dev Team has announced that five userland exploits have been discovered for the Apple A5 chip which used in the iPad 2 and is strongly expected to be used in the next generation iPhone.

The news comes from P0sixninja talk at jailbreaking convention MyGreatFestP0sixninja looked ecstatic when he gave the announcement a few minutes ago, in which it was stated that the Apple A5 chip – used by iPad 2 and the one which will hopefully in the – has been discovered to have five exploits.

Yes, you read that right. Not one, not two, but five exploits have been discovered in the Apple A5 chip.. And as quoted by P0sixninja himself “it’s the record breaking number of exploits found”.

Now here is where things get interesting: the exploited Apple A5 chip powers the iPad 2 and the exact same chip is expected to power the upcoming iPhone (let’s just call it iPhone 5). If this is the case, then the iPhone 5 will be pwned for life before it has even released!

What does this mean for you? Well it basically means that iPhone 5 (and iOS 5) should get an(untethered) jailbreak sooner than what was previously expected. If the iPhone 5 uses the exact same chip used in iPad 2, then both devices will technically be jailbreak-able, regardless of iOS version.

The exploits were discovered by the Chronic Dev Team. A key member of the team itself namely: P0d2g, found exploits like 24kpwn, steaks4uce and also discovered an exploit in the Apple chip, used in iPhone 4, original iPad and iPod touch 4G. p0d2g and p0sixninja are members of the Chronic Dev Team, who were the key developers/hackers behind the famous jailbreak tool Greenposi0n which back then was the only method available to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 completely untethered.

Now here’s the awesome part, the next jailbreak will be userland, and P0sixninja also quoted that it will be the most amazing jailbreak yet! So we have high hopes for this one, we’re sure the Chronic Dev Team is bound to please the jailbreaking community with said jailbreak. So yes, the iPhone 5 will highly likely be jailbreakable soon after launch, though the Chronic Dev Team said that they would need the new iPhone 5 itself to see whether the exploits work or not, but, fingers crossed!

[via redmondpie]

Be sure to stay tuned as we will be updating you with all the info as soon as it is released!


5 Responses to Five New Exploits Found In Apple A5 Chip For iPad 2 And iPhone 5, Future Jailbreak Imminent!

  1. Ipad 2 user says:

    Great news. And great, great work guys. I had reservations that ios5 would really clamp down on the scene and jailbreaks would be a long, long time coming. Fears laid to rest. A day one JB concurrent with os5 is probably asking a bit much, but here’s hoping!…

    • JaeM1llz says:

      It is great news indeed! You’re right a jailbreak on the first day of release isn’t likely, mostly because they will want to test the jailbreak tool extensively before releasing it to the public and they won’t be able to start testing until it’s released, but it should definitely come a lot sooner than many were thinking!

  2. Zorin says:

    I’m hopeful they only use ONE of these for a jailbreak. This way if Apple fixes it, we’ll have the next one, and so on.

    Hell, they shouldn’t have announced the number of exploits. You need to keep Apple guessing; I bet they have a TEAM on this as we speak, trying to find the holes, and won’t quit until they’ve found all five.

    • JaeM1llz says:

      I agree that they shouldn’t have announced how many exploits they found(or that they found exploits at all) because even though it is a needle in a haystack type deal, at least Apple knows that there are exploits so even if they don’t know what they’re looking for they know that they’re there.

      I’m sure they will only use as many exploits as they need to create a jailbreak.

    • Irma Geniuos says:

      If these are weaknesses in the A5, then there’s possibly nothing Apple can do.

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