IntelliID Upcoming CallerID Cydia Package Fetches Callers Names from Database

, the popular jailbreak developer company who has brought us such Cydia apps as MyWi, My3G and Elert among many others has been developing a great new that is set to hit the Cydia right around the release of iOS5. IntelliID is a application that will fetch a caller's name immediately upon them calling. The application will pull names both for landlines and mobile phones. Never again will you have to wonder who is calling you from that unknown .

IntelliID pulls names from a US/Canada calling database. Because of this it seems as though it will only work in North America once it's realeased. We do not know if they plan on adding support for other regions. The application has a tiered subscription plan. For $4.99/month you get 250 lookups each month, for $7.99 you get 500 and for $9.99 you get unlimited lookups. IntelliID also comes with a free trial which provides 10 free lookups.


Caller ID for your iPhone! No more guessing at who's calling - even looks up wireless callers!*. IntelliID fetches the caller's name from a US/Canada calling database and displays on the incoming call screen, as well as missed calls on the lock screen and on the Recent call list. IntelliID also makes it simple to add contact numbers after they've called by filling in their first and last name when you add an IntelliID'd new contact. Supports iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x. Free Trial - Install now for 10 Free Lookups!

- Rapidly fetches incoming caller name
- Add to contacts automatically enters First and Last Name in Contacts entry
- Integrates into Missed Call information in Recent Phone list and on lockscreen for iOS 4.x and iOS 5.x!
- Full 30 day history helps you keep track of your usage

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  1. Vic says:

    Will this IntelliID works from Canadian providers?

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  3. Allen says:

    Your handle is Jamespoop77—-& you call anything gay? hmmmmm…think about that slick—–

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  5. ????????? says:

    what the. how. ???????????????

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