• http://iphoneblogr.com thescragster

    Great post, thanks Jared.

    Previously when I have been in this case, I have had to open the iPhone up, temporarily replace the home button from another phone, complete the jailbreak then swap it back again. This is much easier :)

    • Andre

      What is the “iphone up”? A program? Where can i find it and how it works?

      • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

        Never heard of it.

      • Pikush

        LOL, sorry dude, but I got a great laugh from your post, by “to open the iPhone up” he meant that he actually unscrewed the device and opened it, that’s how he replaced the home button. I understand why you’d get confused, but it still was pretty funny.

  • Khalid

    Hey. I’m having this issue as your friend but for some reason I’m not able to extract the ipsw file and do what you’re saying. Are these directions different for someone having a windows pc? Thanks for any help.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      This will work on Windows or Mac, use whatever zip program you have to extract the IPSW(Winzip, Winrar, Archiver, etc).

  • Pierre

    I had a 4.3.3 jailbroken iPod Touch (4G) but I foolishly updated it to 4.3.5 (I hoped to jailbreak it again later…). I wanted to downgrade to 4.3.3 it with your tutorial, but my power button stop to function before my first attempt…
    I need to enter DFU mode to jailbreak/downgrade it, but this tutorial does not work, I always get the error “the ipod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible” when I try to restore at step 9
    Thanks for help :)

  • Fredrik

    Hello! I’m trying to enter DFU mode on my iPhone 3gs 4.3.5 with this tutorial. I get everything to work, but it only enters recovery mode for about 2-3 seconds and then it reboots. Help?

  • anabear

    iTunes will not let me restore this modified firmware file. Any suggestions?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com thescragster

      Hi Anabear,

      What error did you receive in iTunes when you were trying to restore? If we know this we can help more

  • Franco

    I got the same error as Pierre. As soon as I try to open it with itunes to restore, it says that the file is not compatible? Anyone know of a fix to this? (it doesn’t mention any “itunes ### error”, just says not compatible)

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      That means you are using the wrong firmware file.

  • Scarface

    I get error 3194 while trying to restore (definitely using right firmware). How do I fix this?!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      3194 happens when you try to restore an old firmware that you don’t have SHSH blobs for

  • hello1

    how do i change it back from a zip to ispw i changed the extension but itunes still says its a zipped file

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Then you didn’t change the extension. You need to unhide file extensions and change it because right now its probably .ipsw.zip and needs to be .ipsw only.

  • sam

    hey, i have a Iphone 3G 4.2.1 and i followed all these steps and restored it with itunes with that frmware but it took me to recovery mode.(shows to connect to itunes). i got error 3194 first then i used tinyumbrella to stop the TSS and it worked to restore but it took me to recovery mode

    any clue what i did wrong?

  • sam

    it gives me error 11 now?

  • http://wordsandlyrics.tumblr.com Kristian Carl

    I used this method and I successfully updated to iOS 5 using redsnow and snowbreeze, you could only imagine what I did, I used both Mac and PC to do this. Anyway, since iOS 5 is tethered my only problem now is I can not go onto tethered mode since it require dfu again. Any ideas?

  • Julio Turolla

    Hello, I’ve been trying to DFU with iOS 5 for iPhone 3GS on iTunes 10.5 and Lion 10.7.2 but I get the “firmware not compatible” error, although I’m using the correct one.

    Is that an issue with iOS 5? Should I try with 4.3.x?

    Thank you.

  • Sean Prince

    Hey. tried this and it worked it went into dfu mode successfully but when i was about to jailbreak the phone swtiched off (i noticed this because of the disconnect sound alert) and now the iphone wont swtich back on.

    iphone 3g

  • Raki

    How do you get out of DFU mode?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com thescragster

      If you have a broken power or home button and are stuck in DFU mode, you will have to complete a restore before your iPhone will leave DFU mode.

      • http://wordsandlyrics.tumblr.com Kristian Carl

        You mean, we can do this method to enter dfu but after we do all the jailbreaking stuff we have no way to get out of the dfu loop but a complete restore? But then if we do that, it will invalidate the jailbreak?

  • Harry

    This works all fine any dandy but only if you are using an Unteathered Jailbreak otherwise as you need to go into DFU mode with the fully jailbroken working firmware on the device.

  • Kroko

    Doesn’t work for me either. Have 3GS on 4.0 currently. Tried with 4.0, 4.0.1 and 4.3.5 firmwares – still the same error by iTunes saying “firmware file is not compatible”.

  • Tawfiq


    So I did EVERYTHING right, retried 2 times but same error:

    Firmware Not Compatible

    I’m using my iPod Touch 2G. Yes I grabbed the right firmware, the right generation. (4.2.1 iPod Touch 2G). Please Help. Thanx

  • joe

    I get the error “The iphone can’t be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.” I d/led the firmware for Iphone 3gs 5.00. I checked and the download was fine bc I attempted to restore using the firmware i downloaded and it allowed me to. I extracted. So I copied the applelogo.xxx.img3 file, and pasted it in another folder then renamed it to the LLB.n90ap.RELEASE.img3 and repasted it in the all_flash folder. I get this error and am not sure what happened

    • joe

      no help?

      • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

        Remove any references to gs.apple.com from your hosts file.

        • Melynfax

          Where is the hosts file? Thx :-P

          • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz


        • Suhail

          Still same error. me on 5.0.1, error= firmware not compatible, followed everything as you said.

          Do we need to change everything to gs.apple.com? or something.

          please help!

  • bd7shotta

    how do you get out of recovery mode if your power button doesnt work??????????????

  • Popo Te’o

    how do iGet out of DFU Mode? im stuck in an infinite dfu mode loop now? iPhone 3G 4.2.1 firmware. iReally needed to do a custom restore but now when it starts to restore the phone reboots. its just stuck in DFU Mode forever? please iNeed help.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Just do a manual reboot

  • annalivh

    hello, my iphone is from usa but im trying to use it in mexico, buuutt… when i did finish all the steps as you said.. i dont have the restore buton on itunes! do you know why ?? thank you!

  • manu

    when i go to iTunes it say no sim card installed, what can i do to restore it?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      You don’t need a SIM card to restore, just to activate.

      • manu

        where is the restore option then?

  • udit

    what can i do if my ipod id totally disabled and i need to put it in dfu mode because my power button is not working cand you help me out please

  • i_aint_got_1

    got the same error as everybody “firmware file is not compatible” I did everything right. I went back and tried it again and it’s still saying the thing. please help I’m still on firmware 3.1.3 trying to get to 4.2.1 without losing my baseband

  • Ivan

    When I try to restore the modified firmware I receive a notification that it is not compatible… any suggestions? I followed the instructions properly… I swear…

    • Ben

      I’m in the same boat. I’m running iTunes 10.5 (possible problem?) on OS 10.7.2 trying to restore the edited 4.3.1 IPSW for a 3GS currently on 4.3.1. I used “The Unarchiver” to extract the IPSW and OS X’s built-in compression function for rezipping.

      Anyone had success with the above?

  • Maycon Almeida

    I had a 4.3.3 jailbroken iPod Touch (4G) but I foolishly updated it to 4.3.5 (I hoped to jailbreak it again later…). I wanted to downgrade to 4.3.3 it with your tutorial, but my power button stop to function before my first attempt…
    I need to enter DFU mode to jailbreak/downgrade it, but this tutorial does not work, I always get the error “the ipod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible” when I try to restore at step 9
    Thanks for help :) +1

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      You can only downgrade if you have your 4.3.3 SHSH

      • Maycon Almeida

        I have, but not work!

  • Jordan

    Hello i got to step 8. How do i like save the new stuff in the folder? Like how to zip everything back in??

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Zip the files with whatever zip program you use and then change the extension back to IPSW

      • jordan

        sorry how do you zip them? I have archive utility but there is no save option or zip folder back to file option?

  • jordan

    ok i see compress but when i press that it makes a new file and that one isn’t compatible…

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Because you have to change the extension back to .IPSW first.

      • jordan

        It still makes a new folder. If it helps i’m using a mac. Sorry for the hassle i just hate that my home button broke!

  • Jkid

    I completed all of the steps, but my itunes is not registering my iphone??

  • eero

    i did everything that was needed, i got it into dfu mode and tried to jailbreak with RedsnOw 0.9.6 b4 but it didn’t reboot. Then i tried to put it back to gfu mode my restoring the modified ipsw file, but after that it is just a brick, WHAT THE HELL?! sorry for my poor english

    • JaeM1llz

      You are not supposed to use redsn0w to jailbreak with this method. Once you restore the corrupted firmware file, your phone has no OS. What you need to do is put your device into DFU mode with this method and then restore a CUSTOM firmware created with sn0wbreeze or redsn0w to replace the corrupted firmware you restored to force the phone into DFU mode.

      • http://twitter.com/jordanjordan_22 Jordan Wilson

        i did the same thing, is there any way to restore it again because it doesn’t connect to my computer anymore. HELP!

        • Fili

          I no this answer is gona suck but u probably need to manually put ur device into dfu mode. I have the same problem so I’m gona try getting my home button fixed and attempting to manually put my device into dfu mode. Il tell anybody if it works

    • Julio

      the only way to bypass the whole draining the battery will be for you to take the Ipod/iphone apart CAREFULLY!!!! without damaging any of the internal components and remove the motherboard from the ipod/iphone which will kill all current activity wether in dfu mode or whatever because you have physically disconnected the battery frome your phone i have once also thought my iphone was dead or motherboard fried but no just a little trick i thought id share seems to me im not the onl one that has had this very ANNOYING problem. i have successfully done this multiple times just be really careful as i know all you iphone/ipod lovers will.

      • waffls

        NO do not do that, you might as well use your idevice as a paperweight once you do that

  • Tom B

    I followed all of these steps exactly for my iPod Touch 3G, but it’s still not working. I’m using Lion, and I’ve tried using 5.0.1 and 4.3.5 firmware. Any other details?

  • JesusGeek

    For all with the iTunes error “firmware file is not compatible”, try going to an older firmware for your device. i.e. I have an iPod Touch 2nd Gen with 4.2.1, and it didn’t work. So I tried it with 4.0 and it got it into the DFU loop!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Thanks for this tip!

    • Suhail

      tried, doesn’t work.

      you keep the original apple logo file right and renamed it to the full LLB file name, then you also keep the copy of the original apple logo file, which in the end it says copy of original apple logo file?

      Please help

      • JesusGeek

        Delete the “copy of” part of the file name for the applelogo file, so that it has the same name as the original file. Or you could just rename the copy with the LLB file name and leave the original alone.

  • Jordan

    If you’re trying to jailbreak iPod touch 1g then use spirit or I think use it until it starts jailbreak and unplug your device. It puts it in dfu mode

  • Piggles

    Changed files using winrar…Official iOS 4.3.2..changed file extension to .rar>extracted to folder>changed files as per guide>re-archived>changed extension back to .ipsw>tried to restore and got the same error “the ipod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible” Have i done anything wrong?

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Try using older firmware

  • Sharon

    My iPhone wouldn’t turn on. After following these steps It started to restore until about halfway and then an itunes message popped up saying “iPhone could not be restored.” and there was an unknown error. Now my iphone won’t turn on. I have an iPhone 3GS with a broken power button so I can’t really turn it on. I tried plugging it back into the computer and also into the regular charger. It won’t turn on.

    • Netto Hikari

      Same problem here. iPhone completely dead. Did you solve it somehow?

  • adveritas

    THIS WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    I have been trying for at least 7 hours… .
    I could have worked a graveyard shift and bought a whole new phone though.
    Is going great lengths not to spend money, feeling cozy and free, worth it… ?

    Just follow the steps exactly and use your intuition and common sense together:

    I have 3gs New Boot ; 4.3.3 ios firmware ; use stock 5.0.1 restore firmware (the exact download for my specific phone)

    Make the changes to the file;
    But remember:
    you are copying the name of LLB*** and then deleting the file.
    Then making a file copy of APPLEOGO***. Then replacing the name with LLB***.
    Then PASTING the APPLELOGO*** file. So you should have the two files still. Just one with the opposite name. So there are two APPLELOGO*** files; one with LLB*** name.

    When you load this ‘messed up’ firmware file, itunes is going to restore it almost all the way through the process. So you have to wait. Near the end you should get a black screen on the phone and an error in itunes. You are now in DFU mode!

    Errors that I got were related to:
    -Wrong firmware
    -USB port not highspeed (you probably would get a message if it was a slow port)
    -Host files pointing in the wrong direction (for those of you who are installing and using all sorts of tools)

    Last, but certainly not least, USING REDSN0W:
    These next few steps have to be done really quickly:
    you have to unplug the phone, then run redsn0w.
    QUICKLY hit the pwned DFU in ‘extras’ and then plug in the cord again.
    Now you can load your custom firmware from redsn0w which you probably already created if you are that serious about it.
    AFTER the restore you will then have your new ios firmware BUT
    you have to do the whole DFU mode again using the custom firmware you download. JUST read above again. THIS time you will run redsn0w after the DFU ‘hack’ and then go to jailbreak. SOMETIMES you will have to re-select the stock ispw in ‘extras’ and then go back to jailbreak, especially if you are 3gs new boot (fixed). AGAIN quickly unplug and hit jailbreak and then plug in. It’s a crucial part of this process.

    DONE. I’d be more descriptive and more accurate if I had more motivation but I just mainly wanted to share that it can be done! It is a pain in the ass, so if you have the time and patients, just get it fixed.

    • Benjaypatricks

      Hi adveritas
      I think your explanation is clear but what is the need to do the whole DFU mode again?
      I have created a custom ispw that I want to load.
      Please reply because I am very serious about this

  • uNIDEN

    How do you enter into DFU mode using an iPod Touch 4G with broken Power/Sleep ? I have tried what the OP said to do also what adveritas said to do and nothing only goes into recovery mode..

  • isacrack

    Hi JaeM1llz
    I’ve been working through your tutorial on how to enter dfu mode wothout home or power buttons and after 3 hours due to errors with iTunes and other minor problems I’ve made it
    Although there is always a but.
    Once I have it in a constant dfu mode, I have jailbroken my iPhone 3Gs with redsn0w.
    It gets stuck for 10 minutes in the downloading jailbreak data screen, maybe its because it takes time to download the data, but after ten minutes, it reboots or at least it seems to do it and gets stuck again in dfu mode.
    I’ve tried to reboot it manually, but the thing is that I have to use this method to put mi iDevice in dfu mode because my lock button does not worl completely right.
    Therefore, what can I do to finish my untethered jailbreak using this method to put my iPhone in dfu mode? Thank you very much.

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      The reason is that once you get the firmware restored you will need to put it back into DFU mode in order to jailbreak. However the only way to do that is to follow this tutorial again which will corrupt your firmware. The only way to jailbreak a phone with a broken home or power button is to follow this tutorial and restore a pre-jailbroken custom firmware.

      So you must create a pre-jailbroken 5.0.1 firmware with the newest Pwnage Tool(only method for making custom untethered 5.0.1 firmware right now).

  • Ridwan

    It says “The ipod XXXXX can not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible.”
    but i’m sure it’s compatible because when i use the original one i downloaded it works fine but when i use the modified one i did according to this tutorial i get this message ! any idea how i can fix that ?

  • Charlie

    If you got the firmware not compatible error, it might be because you compressed the files into a .rar instead of a .zip. Try compressing into a zip and then change into ipsw.

    • Stuck

      Pretty sure I am compressing into a ZIP, after I choose ‘Compress’ from the context menu (Mac) and it completes, the file has a .zip extension.  But maybe IU will try another program just to be sure. Thanks for the thought Charlie.

    • Stuck

      …and now the battery in the phone has swollen up and burst the phone open.  Phone is DEAD. So problem is resolved, in some way.

    • anthony

      I know the problem because I encountered it as well. Here is what you probably did wrong… When u changed the file extention to .zip and extracted it you probably extracted it into a folder. Which is not a big deal but when your done copying the file and changing the file name and then zipping it back up you probably just zipped the folder itself that contains the files. This is where the error comes from. In order for this to work properly you will need to only select the files them self and from there zip the contents of the folder back up not the folder itself and it will work. :)

      • Toeli

        Thank you this helped me!

      • Lisa

         OMG ive been struggling with this for over a month now


        P.S. youre awesome !

        • narwhllll

          ps that was actually in the directions

    • MAGAS

      thanks for the tip dude :D

  • Jordan

    I have tryed this and it wont work It says the filmware not compatible I have 5.0.1 what do I do I did the compressed zip files and than changed it but it is still not working…

    • Jordan

      its an ipod touch 4g would it be better to do the 5.0 version?

  • Jill

    It says Ipod could not be restored. An unknown error (11). I have tried doing all the steps for several times but same error occurs. What should I do? I am using Ipod touch 4g version 5.0.1 Please help me, been trying DFU mode for two days. :( Thank you very much!

    • http://iphoneblogr.com JaeM1llz

      Try using an earlier firmware like a 4.2.1 or something.

  • Josh

    When I convert it back to I .ispw and try to restore it. It Doesn’t show up as an option.

  • SAM3gs

    My iPhone wouldn’t turn on. After following these steps It started to restore until about halfway and then an itunes message popped up saying “iPhone could not be restored.” and there was an unknown error. Now my iphone won’t turn on. I try hole home and power at same time, but I can’t really turn it on. I’m using iTunes and ios 5.0.1 9A405

    Somebody please help!

  • SAM3gs

    Luckly recovered from another computer.

  • eric

    i did everything up till entering the new firmware kus Itunes says its not compatible. its an ipod 4g and has 5.0.1. the firmware was the correct one but i still get the ” its not compatible”. what do i do? please help.

  • http://www.ajax.nl jenssah

    I had the same problem (firmware not compatible)

    For me this worked: extract the modified firmware to .ZIP using WINRAR, after that rename it to .ISPW

    (I`m using iphone 4 with iOS 5.0.1)

  • Ballsiest

    I’ve tried EVERYTHING, it doesn’t work, I’ve updated iTunes, I’ve tried using a different firmware, and I always get the dreaded “iTunes could not Restore the iPod XXXX because the firmware file is not compatible” this is REALLY irritating….I’m using an iPod Touch 4g with iOS firmware of 5.0.1 and iTunes 10.5.2, I’ve also tried this with iTunes 10.5, with no luck!

  • Luiz_viveros

    I cant seem to delete the LLB file. Im using Windows 7 and it keeps saying deleting but never does.

    • Jeremy

      Download WinRAR and use it to open the zip file and delete the file needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/robertdiiaz Robert Díaz

    after i download it and jailbreak my device, how do i get out of recovery mode? it won’t turn on

  • Stuck

    Hi. I am on a Mac and running iTunes 10.5.2.  I have tried following these instructions for 4 different versions of iOS for my iPhone 3GS (which currently still has a very old baseband of 05.11.07).  I have tried 4.0, 4.1, 5.0 and 5.0.1.  All of them return the “firmware file is not compatible” error. All of these are customised firmware bundles I have created via redsn0w or PwngTool to preserve the baseband. My last option is to try a ‘standard’ IPSW bundle, rather than a customised one.  The risk is that if the firmware gets updated as part of this “false restore to initiate DFU mode” I may no longer be able to unlock afterwards, which is my goal.  Is anyone able to tell me whether the retore following these instructions, which fails partway through and puts the device into DFU mode, will update the firmware along the way? Or does it fail before it gets to this point?

    Any help gratefully appreciated!!

    • Philip

      Read my guide! I think it is the solution to your problems!


      • Stuck

        Thanks for the assistance Philip.  I was going to give your suggestion a try, but the battery in my iphone has suddenly swollen up and popped the screen out! Phone is DEAD.  Thanks for your efforts anyway.

  • socalrunner

    Hey guys don;t worry it works. Oh and dont freak when you see error #37, it will go straight to DFU mode

  • Philip


    Googling and reading all comments here gives you the feeling that this method is pretty risky. I have an iPhone 3gs with a broken power button which I intend to update to jailbroken 5.0.1. Using this method, can it in anyway brick the phone making it impossible to fix? Or can I just fire away and try, since it can always be restored one way or the other if it fails? Don’t want to be forced to through away the phone.


    • Anonymous

      There is no way to brick an iPhone.

  • Philip


    Been having the same problem as many people writing a comment here. When trying to follow the guide I’ve been stuck at “Firmware file not compatible” error. Been trying all different solutions but finally found my own way.

    This is the situation:

    -iPhone 3GS

    -Broken power button and can therefor not put phone in DFU for jailbreak

    -On firmware 4.2.1 but wanting to upgrade to 5.0.1

    Also, this method will NOT update your baseband which some might be interested to know if planning on unlocking with UltraSn0w afterwards.

    Here it goes:

    1. First of all, I downloaded an earlier firmware then the one I was on. I downloaded 4.0 from iClarifieds page (http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=750) I only chose an earlier firmware because I thought that Apple might have stopped this DFU hack in later firmwares. But remember which firmware you use in this step has nothing to do with what you want to end up with in the end. This is just to put the phone i DFU mode. So don’t worry!

    2. Then I followed the guide in this article BUT I used WINRAR in Windows (if you don’t have Windows install it via parallels) to extract the files in the 4.0 firmware ipsw. Also note that I extracted the files directly in the folder were the 4.0 ipsw was downloaded. Did this by right clicking on the 4.0 ipsw file and then choosing extract files here from the drop down menu. I modified the files as the guide instructed BUT then I marked all the files holding down command key and right clicked again and chose add to archive from the drop down menu. When WINRAR pops up I was sure to choose ZIP file in format instead of RAR. Then I just clicked OK. The zip file was made and I change the file extension to ipsw. The important thing is to do exactly what I did not putting the files in new folder that you make your self, but only using winrar to do the unpacking and packing. In this way you keep the original 4.0 ipsw as intact as possible.

    3. Now I downloaded Tiny umbrella http://thefirmwareumbrella.blogspot.com/ And started the server in the program. It’s of course important that you have saved your shsh in Cydia before to be able to downgrade your firmware. However you might be able to skip this step if you want to try with a firmware above the one you are on in the phone at the moment. I can not tell you if it works though. And remember as I wrote earlier. What firmware you use in this step doesn’t really matter because this is only to put your device in DFU and is not going to be a firmware installed on your phone. After starting the Tiny umbrella server I went in to iTunes (10.5.2) and right clicked on restore and chose the modified 4.0 ipsw I just made with WINRAR in step 2. AND NOW IT JUST WORKED. iTunes didn’t complain about the firmware not being compatible and started to install instead. After awhile the installation fails as expected and your phone will now be in DFU loop mode. 

    4. Now I created a pre-jailbreaked firmware with PwnageTool according to iClarified’s guides. Made this pre-jailbreaked firmware for iOS 5.0.1 because this is what I want to end up with. Also important to use PwnageTool and make a pre-jailbreaked firmware to be able to stay on the baseband you are on if you intend to unlock your device later. I followed the PawnageTool guide BUT stopped and didn’t do the DFU mode thing.


    5. Now you have to put your phone in Pwned DFU mode otherwise you will get error 1600 when you try to install your pre-jalbreaked firmware. Because even if your phone is in a DFU loop now after step 3 you also have to put it in Pwned DFU mode. I did this by downloading the latest version of Redsn0w from this page http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=16424 . Then I clicked on Extras and then on Pwned DFU. After that I just connected my phone which is still in DFU loop (will be until battery is drained so no need to hurry after step 3. RedSn0w now automatically puts your phone i Pwned DFU.

    6. Now I closed Tiny umbrella server. You may not need to do this, but I did. And then I went in to iTunes and right clicked on restore and chose my pre-jailbreaked firmware I made in PwnageTool in step 4. It installs perfectly and I was done. 

    SO what did I end up with:

    -iPhone 3GS update from 4.2.1 to 5.0.1

    -Baseband intact to be able to use Ultrasn0w for unlock



    Let me know if you have success and feel free to post questions and I’ll try to answer them if I can.



    • dntbth3r

      So it all worked for me , but wen i restore my phone my phone goes into recovery not dfu ? what u rekon ?

      • Asmodeus98

         as soon as you see error 37 on itunes disconnect the usb cable, close itunes and enter redsn0w, click on extras, pwned mode, click next and connect the usb cable back, it should go on pwned DFU

    • Josemota90

      What happens if the battery run out?

  • destiny

    okie i did all this but the thing is itunes will NOT reconize my phone to click restore

  • Mike

    Clarification: After you have renamed the file in Step 7, you have to save the amendment as such: Using Mac OS, archive it (just as you had unarchive it using Mac OS to view the files), and save it as the originally named IPSW file. If you don’t, the method listed in this guide will not work.

    • destiny

      im not on a mac im on windows. i zipped it then changed it and then zipped it back and nothing . as i said befor i tunes will not even detected my phone at all no cam. or anything

    • Eliasviejo

      what do you mean when you say archive? to save it? there is no save option under archive menu on finder

      • Anonymous

        Archive means compress/zip

  • zonof

    i manage to enter DFU by using this, but after i done with it, how can i exit and make my phone become normal?

    • Anonymous

      Hit restore in iTunes

  • Maxy133

    I followed all the steps but where to click the restore in itunes i searched for it but didnt find the restore button can u please help me 

  • InfamD4200

    man everytime i use this method it says firmware not compatible and im following every step what could be the reason why its not working (im on a Mac)

  • ..s

    its take forever for my computer to delete LLB file

  • JR

    Worked good. Once itunes errors out, sn0wbreeze recognizes DFU mode and does its work. Thanks 

  • Marcosmark

    It’s seems that it doesn’t work on iOS 5.0.1, did everything as it was said and it just restores to the normal firmware…it won’t get into DFU.

  • Ivy

    This is actually quite easy, took me some time but i figured it out, instead of unzipping the IPSW, jst open with (winrar, 7zip…) and follow the instruction from step 3. You jst need to have the last version of itunes and thas it. you wont get the “not compatible error”. Good luck

  • brandon

     i couldnt rename the apple logo file. it siad unable to rename not implemented. what should i do

  • Andersringgaard91

    The 1600 error keeps sutting my restore down. how can i fix this?

  • Vanessa Fabo Benzinger-Walters


  • Etorrez95

    if ur on mac use muCommander to edit the zip file!!! worked for me!

  • Hardy2141

    i tried holding shift cause im on windows xp and the thing thats suppose to pop up didnt how to i get it to come up

    • anthony

      hold shift key and click on restore. It will ask you to choose your firmware to use.

  • guestlol

    does this seriously work?

  • guestlol

    i have an iphone 4 with ios5 and every other method i’ve tried didnt work.

  • Tristyn

    So turns out, the ironic idiots who wrote this left out one important thing – IT’S IN DFU MODE LOOP!!!!! NOW I’M BACK AT SQUARE 1!!!!! I’m in permanent DFU  mode and can’t do ANYTHING with it unless I restore it from backup AGAIN which will take ALL DAY!!! D:

    • JaeM1llz

      That’s the point of this tutorial….. to get stuck in a DFU mode loop so that iTunes will detect the device and you can restore it with a factory firmware. Don’t be mad at us because you didn’t understand it.

    • Bcsk8er2003

      at least you can still restore it. itunes wont recognize my device at all now. Its stuck.

      • Netto Hikari

        Same problem here. -.- Did you resolve it somehow?

  • Sxbhkxsxskh_13

    how do i exit it from the dfu loop im stuck

    • Noah

      How did you get the dfu loop to work? I need to know because its not working for me

  • mike

    hey one important question! I know that the 1st time you restore, it will not be a complete process but does that mean that the baseband might still be updated? I’m trying to preserve my baseband and I’m afraid it will upgrade my current 3.10.01

    • Tadas

      hi, did you find out if it upgrades baseband or not?

  • dadomatto888

    nice workaround…i´ll try out ;)

    • thescragster

      Go for it, let us know how you get on.


  • Creaky

    thanks alot, worked a treat

  • Joe

    Ok…so It says my firmare isn’t compatible…How do I fix this?

  • David

    ive got the Iphone 4, running 5.1, never been jailbroken, this will be my first time. Home button is broke so i tried this but when i went to restore it just sat there loading forever and then said itunes has encountered an unexpected error. Zipping all the files and all that was simple and im sure it all came out right. i just left it titled firmware.ipsw because thats where all the zipped files ended up. Does the name matter or what? it seems like itunes wont accept the name or something.

  • http://twitter.com/50nathan Jonathan Williams

    I have the iOS 5.01 and the ipod touch 4th gen and for some reason it won’t work it keeps giving me error (3194) every time i try to restore please help me. thanks

    • JaeM1llz

      5.0.1 is no longer being signed, the only way you can restore it is if you have your SHSH for that specific firmware.

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  • KRodd128

    i have a ipod touch 4th gen ios 5.0.1, and i followed the steps to the “T” and i get : an unknown error occurred (3194). Help? 

    • Chris

      Error 3194 means Apple is not signing that firmware, you need to use tiny umbrella and in the advanced tab check the box that says point to Cydia servers on exit.
      Email me djelysium.ut@gmail.com

  • Netto Hikari

    Alright, thanks for the article, but it totally bricked my phone. Did everything you mentioned, the phone went into DFU mode. Tried to restore a CFW, got error 1600, tried again, got error 1601. Figured I needed pwned DFU mode, but too late. The device seems to be either turned off and dead now or still in DFU mode, but no computer will recognise it as USB device anymore.

    Just nothing will happen after plugging it in. USB cable is fine. The device just won’t show up in Windows’ device manager.

    • Carolina

      PLEASE someone tell me what should I do…I have the same problem as Netto…my phone is totally dead right now :(((

      • Netto Hikari

        Hey, Carolina.

        Don’t panic! I solved my problem and the phone is running again. Here’s what I did:

        – The phone is NOT dead, it’s in DFU mode. USB detection currently just won’t work. Let the phone’s battery decharge until the phone turns off (you cannot indicate wether it’s in DFU mode or off). Just wait 1-2 days. The DFU loop will suck the battery empty pretty fast.

        After that waiting period, connect the phone to your computer again (it will be detected and turned on -> DFU mode) and restore a firmware of your choice. Worked for me.

        Good luck!

        • issy

          mine was in dfu mode and wouldnt turn on so i unpluged the whole thing and my iphone still wont turn on do i wait a day and then plug back in? xx

          • Diviefhaus

            if you click next and let it go through the power and home button with doing anything it will go to the next screen and start loading

        • r3drox

          ended up with the same problem on my ipod touch 2g. Its dead and no response. Hoping its the same situation as you Netto.

          • r3drox

            Ok. Just realized my ipod was indeed in DFU mode and my drivers were messed up. Used another PC and redsn0w picked it up immediately as being in DFU! 

            I hereby completely vouch for this post! IT WORKS!!

        • Gustavo

          Thank You!!! It works!!! Only I must to put in Pwned DFU con iReb an its done!! I was really scared!!! I love you!!! jajajaja

        • Anthony

          Thanks a Million! Thought it was bricked and left it lying there for ages. Finally found this post and found your solution. Bless your soul!

  • Chrisitan Briones

    how do u change it to a .zip and then extract it to the folder

  • Chrisitan Briones

    im on a mac

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  • El_fife_23

    I changed it to from zip to ipsw and it still says it does not recognize firmare

    • JaeM1llz

      Make sure you actually changed the file extension and not just the filename. If file extensions are hidden, it may look like a .IPSW file but the actual file will be a .IPSW.zip and it will still be treated as a zip.

  • JustPiggy

    my ipod touch 4g can’t even connect to itunes after dead… how the hell can i restore it -w-“

  • wokwin

    when i try this, itunes say could not be updated because the firmware is not compatiable i got 3g 16G with version:4.1 (8b117) and modem firmware at 06.15.00, i also so how lost the cydia icon, and my wifi its greyout. please help thanks in advance.

  • carlos

    thank you!

  • Daganloy

    After doing all the steps, up to step 9 is where I get this error in itunes. “The iPod “testing iPod” could not be restored because the firmware is not compatible.

    I tried to do it again with the same firmware file unmodified like you have laid here and it restores no problem.

    Any help?

    • Daganloy

      OKAY JUST FIGURED IT OUT! Thanks to Anthony who pointed it out to me that when you extract the zip(ipsw), it’s extracted into it’s own folder. Doing it like this is fine, however when you zip it back up make sure you zip just the contents inside the folder instead of the folder that holds these files. This allowed itunes to restore the device and put it into DFU mode for me. Hope that helps anyone who has a problem like I did.

  • paulo

    Hi Sir, 
    Ive followed your instructions .. it got installed but my problem is that the ipod touch 2g MC model is stucked on a black screen (turned off) and not DFU mode. When i try to insert or remove the itouch from the computer, a sound will pop (a confirmation that a device is inserted 

    Pleae advise thanks

    • JaeM1llz

      Black screen is DFU mode.

      • paulo

        Hi sir, no its not in DFU mode as it is not detected by iTunes or any jailbreaking software.. i can hear a sound that device was inserted but can never actually see it thru itunes or other…  Im trying enter DFU mode but no luck. .screen is turned off (not blackscreen) it is actually turned off!

        • JaeM1llz

          Sounds like a hardware problem then.

        • Guest

          Try RECBOOT to kick it out of DFU into recovery

    • paulo

      Anyone help me please? 

  • Andrew Nyland

    How I disable the DFU mode after I have jailbroken the device?

  • Diviehfaus

    Thank you so much this worked perfectly. on the last step if you close out itunes and open redsnow and select the regular restore file – not the one you fixed – click next, your phone with be in dfu mode so you can click next again but when it asks you to hold the power etc.. just don’t do anything and it will automatically go the next screen and start loading…

    • Dragon98_1000

      but at my redsnow it wrote that “no device detected. You probably misunderstood the instructions”
      Could somebody tell me what is wrong?

  • Nancy

    THANK YOU SO MUCH !! Easiest way to fix   an accidentally updated 3g !

  • X7an

    iphone 4, ios 5.1.  followed the directions and put the phone in dfu. then ran redsnow. redsnow appeared to run without issue, however upon reboot. black screen, so still in dfu. tried ireb, redsnow. unfortunately nothing has worked. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • X7an

      just to clarify, i did this due to a broken power button. when attempting to restore through itunes i get error code 1601. thanks in advance.

    • JaeM1llz

      You are not supposed to use redsn0w to jailbreak with this method. Once you restore the corrupted firmware file, your phone has no OS. What you need to do is put your device into DFU mode with this method and then restore a CUSTOM firmware created with sn0wbreeze or redsn0w to replace the corrupted firmware you restored to force the phone into DFU mode.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693262405 Davie Truong

         can you explain this more clearly to me because i don’t get what your trying to say..so you restore with this method first then you restore again with your own custom firmware that’s pre jailbroken?

        please reply with a list of steps on how to properly do this because i don’t want to screw up on ios 5+. I’m currently on 4.3.3 and jailbroken via jailbreakme. If i screw up after updating to 5.1 ill nvr be able to jailbreak again because the power button is broken.

        • JaeM1llz

          Yes that is what I meant. This method is just to force your phone into DFU mode so that you can put it into Pwned-DFU mode and restore a prejailbroken firmware.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693262405 Davie Truong

             it doesnt put the ipod into dfu loop it says that the file is corrupt so….what now

          • JaeM1llz

            Means that you did it wrong

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693262405 Davie Truong

             wait how did i do it wrong lol. i did what the tut said exactly but still nothing howabout u send me and ispw that is “correct” for 5.0.1 or 5.1
            im using a 3gs btw

          • JaeM1llz

            Do it with an older firmware try 4.2.1 that is the most successful

  • Toeli

    Hi, I am also trying to do this, but when i want to restore my ipod touch 1g (1.1.5), itunes says that it isn’t compatible with the software.. (even if i repeat everything with the 1.1.5 software). My home button isn’t working so i’m not able to jailbreak it atm… any help would be very appreciated! thanks!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693262405 Davie Truong

      yea got what ur having too i couldnt find a solution but if u do pls reply here ill check everynow and then

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001693262405 Davie Truong

    ok so now i got the files to be compatable but strangely i get errors 21 and 16 which kinda defeats the purpose becasue the solution for the 2 is to put the iphone into dfu mode. any one know how i can fix this.

    or better yet can send me a working modded ipsw that turns the ipod into a loop dfu mode i cant seem to get it rite.

  • Guest

    Could not get into DFU mode at all. Nephew entered pin code too many times and locked phone. Nothing I tried could get to DFU or recovery mode to enable me to restore phone.
    RECBOOT answered all my problems. It enabled me to get into recovery mode, I recovered original firmware, then was able to enter DFU or recovery at will. Then I could jailbreak etc. Its the only program I found that solved the no DFU issue and I searched for weeks!

    • Blakeblakster85

      To go into DFU you should not have a pin at all

  • Too

    what does that mean?

  • Xanthakosk

    cydia and others installed successfully…
    the ipod is closed now.
    now what should i do ????

  • Xanthakosk

    cydia and others installed successfully…
    the ipod is closed now.
    now what should i do ????


  • dinovision

     There is no need to do any of this if you have the correct iOS and iPhone/iPad/iPod etc.. Just go to http://www.jailbreakme.com ON YOUR iPhone NOT your PC and follow the direction NO need to go in to DFU or anything… :) Good Luck…

    • JaeM1llz

      That only works on certain firmware revisions(3.1.2/3.1.3/4.0/4.2/4.3/4.3.3/4.2.6/4.2.8)

  • DashGotEm

    After it went into recovery mode for about a second, it restarted now it just has the apple logo, and an empty loading bar. My computer recognizes it but I can’t do anything else because itunes wont, and redsnow doesn’t recognize it as dfu mode either. Please help.

    • dinovision

      Did you try holding down the power button and the home button at the same time don’t let go till the apple logo shows again then see if it boots normal

  • MuGiWaRa

    i tried ALL the solutions suggested in this article & the comments

    i figured NEW SOLUTION worth a try :

    if u r jailbreaking in windows 7 or vista
    just do it using windows xp !!!
    at least it worked for me fine

    • JaeM1llz

      Jailbreaking on a different OS is not going to help you if your home/power button is broken. You will need to follow this tutorial to force your device into DFU mode if that’s the case.

  • Super-eap

    Oke Gf iphone i gues? lol

  • Jacobobuenrostro

    So on the DFU MODE loop will it turn off my iPod touch and turn it back on an back of back on in a endless loop

  • Andre

    This works if Im trying to jailbreak with Greenpois0n? I cant get indto dfu manually so I’ll try this

    • Andre

      I already tried and it says its uncompatible

    • JaeM1llz

      No, this is for restoring a custom firmware only. The process restores a corrupt firmware forcing the device into DFU mode so that you can then enter pwned-DFU mode and restore a firmware made with PwnageTool or Sn0wbreeze

  • r3drox

    Ok. I was successful at getting it into DFU, however, i cant get out. ipod 2g is unresponsive and wont respond to anything i do. iTunes cant detect it and neither can redsn0w…..or any other tool i tried.

    • Maci0023

      i have the same problem dude! ):

      • r3drox

        wait for the battery to run out and it should be fine. :)

  • ktmunited

    I got an error 37 at the end??Please help

  • Jaelenetsai89

    Helo… i have an iphone4 that when it connected to itunes, but it will show that my iphone is damaged or cannot connect blah blah blah…. its not mine, it is belong to my friend, buy somehow he doesnt know what was the firmware is, i have .ipsw file, but it requires me to click shift+restore in order to restore it, the problem is i cannot connect to itunes… it detects the phone as iphone… but it shows about your iphone is damaged or cannot connect blah blah blah…. help! This reli challenged me! @nd cracked off my nerves…..

  • Charltondacres

    i followed you instruction carefully and when i sync to itunes got error 11 what am i doing wrong.

  • Tristanmcpherson

    With any CFW i use i just get error 1600, and redsn0w wont recongnise my device in this dfu loop for god knows why.

    • JaeM1llz

      Error 1600 means the device is not in Pwned-DFU mode. If Redsn0w won’t detect the device in DFU mode try using iReb to put the device into Pwned-DFU mode.

      • http://twitter.com/santana1508 Gustavo Salazar

        I used iReb to put the iphone 3GS in Pwned-DFU mode and try to restore with itunes to the original firmware and send me again the error 1601 and redsnow detect the iPhone is in DFU mode but in any option send me “USB communication  problem” What should i do??

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  • Lee

    I have gotten all of the way through the above steps and am ready to re-zip ther files into the .ipsw file, but not sure how to do that. Can anybody help?

  • Jonathantalbot

    it tells me error 32 when i restore from the modified ipsw file… :(

  • Boykinjoshua

    can i use it for my ipod

  • Stegemannj

    this is pure shit. itunes doesn’t recognize it. thanks for nothing asshole

    • JaeM1llz

      As you can see from the comments, this method has worked for SEVERAL people. Sorry if it didn’t work for you, but it’s not our fault. It’s not like you paid us to write this tutorial….

  • Stifler

    f%$k yah!!!!!!! Thanks dude.. XD for those who one didn’t work, quit hating! -.- 

  • Taryn2332

     f u u retard

  • Buttholes4lyf

    Okay, so I was using 7 Zip and I tried to rename the applelogo and it said “Not Implemented”

    • JaeM1llz

      You don’t need to use a program to rename the file, just rename it through My Computer

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  • C Tiggerg1

    getting erro 3194, no DFU mode.. help

    • JaeM1llz

      3194 means you are attempting to restore a firmware that is no longer being signed, your iTunes is out of date or you are blocking Apple’s validation servers in your HOSTS file.

  • guest

    My Phone Went Into Recovery Mode Instead Of DFU Mode.. Why isthat?

    • JaeM1llz

      You must not have followed the directions exactly

  • http://twitter.com/livewire195 Vincent Briffa

    Thanks man, worked like a charm! My friends niece will be happy to have a working phone again!

  • PoorMe

    Hi. Can someone pls. help me? My iTouch 3g is screwed after applying a theme (Slider Remover) now I can’t unlock it. The power button is too hard to hold, plus my iTunes shows an error, 0xe8000022 2012. Is there a way to enter DFU mode without using iTunes?

    • JaeM1llz

      No, there is no way to enter DFU mode without iTunes.

  • Donzzy Legaspi

    Is there a way to enter DFU mode without using iTunes?

    • JaeM1llz

      No, there is no way to enter DFU mode without iTunes.

  • Guest CC

    Ipod 2nd gen 8gb – comes up with error -11 . And when i try to use redsnow it comes up with internal error

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UDIBLFL4PIJ7LP647FQ42K3JRU Stefan

    I have an iphone 3g with the 4.2.1 firmware. I got the phone into the DFU mode but it is not receiving the software from the redsnow 0.9.6b4 that i’m using. The software says that its done and it will accept the custom IPSW from ITunes but ITunes closes istantly and the phone cannot come on at all. Can someone please tell me what i should do??

  • Newsoch


    If i use stock 5.1.1 and restore to the modified ipsw will it update my Baseband. The whole reason of getting into DFU is so i can restore to a custom firmware and prevent BB update, but if this method update my BB while getting into DFU there will be no use.

    Please confirm whether this updates baseband or not.

    Thanks in advance

    • Tadas

      did you find out if it upgrades baseband or not?

  • rtabita10

    It worked great, thanks! Good job with the instructions and video. I thought I was going to have to use this phone as a paper weight.

    • JaeM1llz

      You’re welcome, glad we were able to help!

      • Rtabita10

        Now that it is in DFU mode, how do I proceed with the jailbreak. I’m trying to use redsn0w and don’t have a custom firmware. With the redsn0w I use now, the process gets stuck on rebooting.

        • JaeM1llz

          Once it’s in DFU mode, you can then put it into Pwned-DFU mode and restore a custom firmware.

  • Rjg65

    After many hours with no success and an iphone 3g 4.2.1 stuck in recovery mode I now have a working phone again, thanks to your info.

  • Rsomers25

    omg that worked finaly thanks …………

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  • danial

    I have an iphone 3g 4.2.1 with a broken home button , i managed to get it into dfu mode (actually I don’t know it’s dfu or not the screen is completely off ) and it was detectable by itunes , but i tried to normally jailbreak it instead of recover it with a custom firmware but after about 30 mins it just died and itunes , redsnow and my laptop won’t recognize it and I can’t make it show any sign of living ,in one of comments  some one said that I need to do thing after dfu very fast so maybe that’s why it happened
    so do I need to throw it in the bin or there is a way to fix it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/peter.pepe.980 Peter Pepe

      have exactly the same problem… did you finally solve it?

  • Gierbo787

    iTouch 2G -i cant get into dfu mode, when press the buttons they work perfectly but when I try to go into DFU mode the ipod doesnt do anything

  • Pingback: iPhone 3GS HELP! :(((

  • Irlpz

    when i try to restore with the custom firmware i get an error 1600 im using iphone 3g 4.2.1 

    • JaeM1llz

      That means you are not in Pwned-DFU mode.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000183113162 Wojciech Kałużny

    Hey guys, my situation is kind of complicated, I used your method to enter DFU mode on my iPhone 3G with broken power button, then I use pwnageTool both to create custom restore pre jailbroken soft (3.1.3) and enter the pwnageDFU mode, after that I tried to restore my custom soft via iTunes, error 1600 came up, so I tried again, at some point iTunes closed it self and my iPhone is a brick – black screen, no reaction at all, iTunes can’t see it. Please help, cause i really need this iPhone to be fully working. Do you think it’s still in DFU? Do I have to wait for the battery to die?

  • Little-g-norman

     I’m in Dfu mode good ..
    but i can’t jailbreak it greenpoisen , redsnow gives me a error ..
    pls help me..

    • JaeM1llz

      You can’t use greenpois0n with this tutorial, you must create and restore a custom firmware after entered DFU mode.

  • Trev Grant

    Very nice tutorial, My Iphone is stuck at the activation screen and doesn’t allow me to use the custom firmware that i’ve creted via the restore option, any ideas on what i can try?


    • JaeM1llz

      Once you have followed the tutorial and are in DFU mode, you may then use iReb or Redsn0w to put the device into Pwned-DFU mode which will allow you to restore the custom firmware. If you are getting an iTunes error during the restore, please let me know what the error is and I can better assist you.

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  • Irlpz

    I entered DFU mode correctly, but when I tried to enter the pwned DFU mode on the old version of redsn0w but when I tried to restore it using the custom restore from pwnage tool I get error 1600

    • JaeM1llz

      You should always use the most recent version of Redsn0w.

  • Tech

    this method doesn’t work in disabled iphones

  • pomee

    my ipod dosent seem to be recognized by other pc’s i tried 4 btw… still no response i need help pls

    • pomee

      i didnt get any error btw.. and had successfully restored on the custom ipsw that i made using your method.. when it rebooted, it never came out until today… 2weeks have passed  :( i tried connecting to 4 other pc’s and no response on the itunes whatsoever and even redsn0w didnt recognise dfu mode…

  • Tstephenson91

    Does this work with iphone4 5.1.1?

  • Mercikelly

    I have done all that is required in this tutorial to go in to DFU mode and I did all correctly 3 times but it keeps getting stuck on recovery mode. Shows error 11..pls I need help in getting into DFU mode..pls reply back

  • Mercikelly

    Its an iphone 3gs on ios 4.1

  • Ricardoucr

    Hi, i follow this steps, but instead i got error 10, and the phone is showing the apple with the loading bar below. My power button is not working. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/filip.unger Filip Unger

    Tnx for the tutorial , it helped me out with my ipod touch 2g. My power button didn’t work :D

    Come to Serbia ,you have a drink on me ;)

    • JaeM1llz

      If I’m ever in Serbia, I’ll make sure to take you up on that offer :P

      • Mercikelly

        Hello jaeM1llz pls I put up a post but no response from u..I use iphone 3gs 4.1 wit a bad power button eact time I do this process to get into DFU mode it goes into recovery mode it shows error 11..pls I need to sucessfully get into DFU mode I have tried on both windows 7 and XP but still same error 11 I need assistance

  • Chairman Mao

    It was placed into recovery mode for me instead of DFU :P Not what was planned but atleast learned something new

  • Erik

    I got Error 2001 in iTunes, after doing all this? My iPhone is stuck in “recovery mode” and my “home” button doesn’t work. What to do?

  • Brandi

    Its not letting me do all this i wanna Jailbreak my Iphone 3g but my power button is broken and wont work at all my home button works just fine but my power button dont Can someone tell me how to do this?

  • alhandra

    I tried everything before seen your post. You save my day!!!! tnx for the little howto!

    • JaeM1llz

      Great, I am glad we were able to get it sorted out for you! Thanks for reporting back :)

  • Hans

    Nice tutorial, but I have the additional problem that I forgot the lock screen passcode, so I can’t connect it to Itunes, what can I do? thanks

  • danel

    well my problem is more serios i hav error 3194 and i have a broken home button :((

  • christopher

    @7caaf685c8f76823d4e8bd552d29d0da:disqus i have an ipod 2g 4.2.1 ver. and i did everything in the instructions properly…the ipod succesfully entered dfu mode but itunes won’t recognize my ipod. i even tried some jailbreaking software but still they don’t recognize my ipod…PLS HELP ME :(

  • panos

    hello everyone .i have a iphone 3g and its disabled cause i forgot the password.Also the power button is broken .what can i do.will this trick work??please help me

  • Carlos Bell

    Followed all instructions, but keep getting iTunes error “3194” when trying to restore with the ipsw I tried to force dfu with. Only goes to Recovery Mode..oh and I have a broken Power/Sleep button. iPhone 3G : iOS 4.2.1

  • :D

    it failed. iTunes said that “the device isn’t eligible for the requested build”. Plus, its an iphone 3gs but the firmware is “iPhone2,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore.ipsw”
    Help, pls!

    • SuperBat

      Thats because youre using a iphone 2 ipsw on an iphone 3

      • Sumit Singh

        he’s using correct file i don’t think you are right super

  • Fapster

    I get an error after I edit the ipsw :( “The iPhone *iPhone” could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatible

  • Ryan

    I am currently running ios 6 and was wanting to jailbreak my iphone 4 but i dont have a working home button. I have followed these steps excactly and it comes up that the firmware file is not compatible. I have read all the comments with people having the same problem and tried everything and still nothing. Someone please help me!

  • Chispa

    Will this still work?

  • baconwingz

    I followed these steps and got my iPhone 4 into DFU mode, but I made the foolish mistake of putting it into pwned DFU mode and the using the same modified ipsw file as a custom file on redsn0w. Now it’s on a black screen and it wont show up on itunes, redsn0w OR my computer, what do I do?

  • http://www.facebook.com/M1T1C0 Richard Fekéšházi

    Doesn´t work.

  • Erwin

    the picture of the file that i renamed is like the one below ,when i restore my iPhone and select the file that i added to archive and starts to restore it gives me error 3194. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

    • miguel barrios

      i also get this errror

  • Erwin

    P.S. my iPhone is in the iTunes logo and the cable screen not the one like in the video. like the picture below it’s stuck in that screen.

  • Erwin

    its hard for me to enter into dfu mode…………….

  • Potts4739

    What do I do after… How do I jailbreak ????

    • JaeM1llz

      Restore a pre-jailbroken firmware

      • GoddessLiyah

        How do u do this “restore a pre-jailbroken firmware?”
        my firmware is 6.1.13

  • Muhammad Nazim

    I have iphone 2g due to update iOS version my iphone locked now i want to unlock my phone but power button does not working so how i can enter in dfu mode i follow the things in this tutorial but in itunes i press the shift button but it does not show me restore button

  • http://twitter.com/azazhassan Azaz Hassan

    Hello!! I have an iPhone 4 baseband 03.10.01 running iOS 5.1.1 (with a broken power button)
    i want to upgrade it to 6.1.2 but a few thing i just want to know before
    1) preserving my baseband while upgrading: would i still be able to unlock my iPhone4 with Gevey?
    2) I’ve been reading a few threads about how to enter DFU with broken power button, my question is that entering DFU mode with Redsn0w by restoring it with a stock firmware on itunes: is this really for JUST entering DFU mode or will it change my baseband too??
    3) how i’m gonna upgrade with this broken power button while preserving baseband???

  • miggyboi

    I need help! My iPod is in infinite loop hence iTunes cannot recognize my device. My power button is also broken so I can’t get it into DFU mode. Most of the guides for broken power buttons require my iTunes to detect my device so I can restore it, but my iTunes, again, cannot recognize my device. I’m in a really frustrating situation and I hope you ca help!

  • ahh

    mine just starts back up like brand new

  • Levi

    i did evreything write but it just restored my ipod

  • ebony

    um, i cant make another copy of the applelogo file. on windows.

  • ebza

    i still get error 3194, even after zipping it back p & selecting it ;l

  • ebza

    error 3194 STILL! ios 6.1.3 to 6.1.2 ipod touch 4g

  • Kavan Leon

    I get to DFU Mode at the end off process i get this erro msg any Idea?my second question I have verizon iphoen 4 (6.1.3) framware vesrion the whole reason wanna jailbreak it want to use it on sprint is thats possible ?

  • jaeb

    how i can remove a passcode from my iphone 3g?i forgot the passcode. please help me

  • Austin Menbrook

    How do enter DFU mode again after you do this?

  • abdullahi


  • Jennifer Peterson

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  • Geoff Denzel

    Open iTunes on computer. Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable. Hold both Home and Power button, after exactly 10 seconds release the Power Button, keep holding the Home button until iTunes recognizes iPhone in Recovery Mode, usually about 20 seconds time. If the iPhone screen is black, blank this is DFU Mode. Click the Restore button of iTunes. DFU Mode can be difficult to enter sometimes, just keep trying. DFU Mode is a black, blank screen with iTunes saying Recovery Mode.

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