iUsers Brings Multiple User Accounts to Jailbroken iPads

*UPDATE* I contacted Pedro via Twitter and asked him if he planned on porting the tweak to iPhone/iPT and he replied that he will probably be releasing an update next week, stay tuned!

One nice feature about most operating systems is the ability to create multiple accounts so that you can customize multiple desktops that are specific to each individual and also to restrict certain settings to administrators only. Unfortunately, iOS is lacking this feature, until now! A developer by the name of Pedro Franceschi has created a new tweak called iUsers which allows you to create multiple user accounts on your jailbroken (I tested it on my Verizon iPhone4 and everything works up until you try to switch user accounts at which point it is impossible to select a different account, hopefully this will be ported to other iDevices in the next release).

You can create multiple user accounts complete with individual usernames and passwords from within the settings application. When you are creating the user account you can select if you would like the user to have privileges(which will allow them to change settings on the device). Each user will have their own springboard layout which is great if you have multiple people sharing a single device.

The tweak adds a user account button to your device's lockscreen(seen below) which lets you switch between users. This is a free tweak and you can download it by adding the source http://cydia.iblogeek.com/ to Cydia.

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  1. Chris Honey says:

    Hi, what theme/tweak are you using in the screenshot? Looks amazing, is it part of iusers?

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