How to install the official Facebook application on your iPad using FaceForward [Tutorial]

Earlier today we posted a method that allowed users to the official which was stashed in the recent for iPhone update that was released. The FullForce Facebook method released by @rpetrich was quickly blocked by Apple. But a new method from @chpwn has once again enabled users to use the unreleased official Facebook application on their iPads..

Step 1:  Install the official Facebook application from the app store onto your jailbroken iPad or iPad2.

Step 2: Open Cydia and install "" it is located in the "Tweaks" folder of the "Sections" tab in Cyida. Alternatively, you can install manually by downloading the deb file here. Your iPad will restart and you will have the official Facebook application.

There is no telling if Apple will be able to patch this method as well so try it soon if you would like the Facebook application on your iPad

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