11 Responses to How to Install iOS5 Without a Developer Account and Activate Using a Backdoor

  1. jefbenet says:

    highly recommend against for the ipad2 unless someone has found a workable solution. obviously no emergency call option, followed instructions of user on another site to tap the time and then pull down the notification window with three fingers, which it does, but voiceover advises you it’s an empty list. Could not get any further. DFU’d and reinstalling 4.3.3 now. No harm no foul, was pretty excited to try it, but its true what they say – no such thing as a free lunch! Guess i’ll have to be patient and wait!

    • JaeM1llz says:

      Thanks for reporting back jefbenet, I am glad you were able to downgrade back to 4.3.3, there have been rumors flying that once you upgrade to 5.0 beta you will not be able to downgrade until iOS5 is officially released this Fall. However, i was also able to restore back to 4.3.3 after installing iOS 5.0 as well(I just wanted to make sure the method worked properly)

  2. […] beta firmware file in order to use this new jailbreak tool. For non-developers please follow our how to install iOS5 without a developer account tutorial. Please read below about some things you should know before following this […]

  3. johnny says:

    Used to try it on my iPhone 4, everything works fine, except iTunes 10.5 refused to activate and sync the phone. Downgraded to 4.3.3 afterwards.
    Any solutions?
    I don’t have a developer account BTW.

  4. LifeMisled says:

    Everyone here should know that the information about iOS 5 is misleading. The steps provided in all the instructionals are merely activation BYPASSES, they do not allow activation. Since Apple decided to verify every activation through their servers, they check your IMEI against the developers list, if it doesn’t match, you don’t get activated. So far, there is no way to work around this activation problem unless you troll forums and comments for someone who has open developers slots and wants to sell them at a reasonable price. At that point, you’re paying for beta software, though.

    • JaeM1llz says:

      The tutorial has been updated with instructions on how to activate your cellular network using this method. You do not need to pay a developer to add your UDID, please refresh the tutorial to see the new activation instructions. Thanks!

  5. jky says:


    Awesome tutorial, thank you!

    Just 2 questions

    1) Ultrasn0w does not seem to be updated to support iOS 5 beta 6, please confirm if sim unlock is possible via repo666.ultrans0w.com repository.

    2) iPusher shows, push notifications fails. What is the best method to activate push on iOS 5 beta 6. Push Doctor is out of certs and SAM is showing “stockfiliation failed”.

    Any help would be great, thanks.


  6. KINGss says:

    IOS 5 GM push notifications arnt working any solution ……… push doctor, pushfix, and sam dont work any solutions ????

  7. Babz says:

    How can I get Push Notifications, iMessager and Facetime to work on iOS5 GM. I upgrade my iphone 4 (preserved bb thru sn0wbreeze) – but now the push notifications stopped working. Tried installing SAM – didnt work. then tried push doctor and cydia froze!! and then crashed my phone. I restored and did the entire process again. but still no push!! I unlock using gevey! WHAT DO I DO? Please help!!

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