How to run Cydia in the background using native multitasking on iOS 4.x

One of the major drawbacks of is it's inability to in the . I like to be able to multitask when I am doing anything on my phone, including installing 3rd party applications. This tweak will allow you to the Cydia process. Of course, this tweak doesn't come without it's setbacks. @saurik has stated many times that he has disabled for specific reasons. Namely, it will eat up a lot of memory and it is possible that you could experience errors installing apps/tweaks/themes while running certain other processes.

Step 1: First navigate to the folder using either or directly from your device via . You can find the folder here /var/stash/Applications/ Once you are in the folder open Info.plist with a text editor.

Step 2: Once inside the Info.plist file, locate the line towards the bottom that contains:

<key> UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend </ key>

Step 3: All you have to do is change the word "true" to "false and then save the file. After that simply reboot your device and Cydia will now be able to run in the background when you hit the home button with it open!

3 Responses to How to run Cydia in the background using native multitasking on iOS 4.x

  1. Cortland says:

    Wow. Probably the best tweak ever. And to think I was going to install backgrounder or different apps to get this to work. Thanks!

  2. Parvez says:

    Hi Mad a mistak in ifile infopils I just delet true and done it. But now. Web I open infopils come with error. Now cydia it’s on oppning. Can u tell me how to fix this problem

  3. Mohi says:

    Works great dude šŸ˜€ thanks a lot

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