Why should you jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation surrounding the world of iDevice jailbreaking and it can be quite overwhelming for iDevice users who are considering jailbreaking. Firstly, it is thought by many that jailbreaking is illegal. This is simply not the case. Not too long ago the DMCA ruled that jailbreaking device is 100% legal as well as unlocking the carrier lock to use device on an unofficial carrier. The actual act of jailbreaking is simply gaining root access to the device to allow it to run unsigned code.

Jailbreaking opens many doors for iDevice users allowing them access to full customization of their devices, access to applications that would not be permitted to be sold in the Apple iTunes store and access to patches and tweaks to improve security or functionality of the iDevice. Of course with this much freedom, it was bound to be used for evil by some. When jailbreaking crosses the line into ILLEGALITY, it is because a user has chosen to install un-official repos that grant them access to pirated applications, both and iTunes apps. This is when jailbreaking becomes illegal and we do not support that kind of activity here.

A few days ago, Jay (Saurik) Freeman, the creator of Cydia, and Britta Gustafson did an interview explaining your device. They can do a better job explaining it than I can so without further adieu I will turn you over to them.

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  1. oz says:

    What theme does Saurik has on his iPhone. I want it to. What’s it called ? Thx.

    • JaeM1llz says:

      He isn’t using a theme, he has a custom wallpaper, icons are stock, and he’s using graviboard and his SBSettings theme is called “Serious SBSettings”

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