App Review: RedLaser [App Store] – Barcode scanner

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Let's face it, we all want to the best possible price for each product we purchase. RedLaser, an application developed by Occipital will do just this, and do it very well.

RedLaser is a free application in the Store which has the potential to save you a lot of money. Equipped with a blazing fast , RedLaser will scan your desired products' barcode and return the cheapest from the internet as well as from local retailers.

Here, I use Eminem's latest album Recovery as an example. First of all I scan the barcode as shown below.

As we can see, RedLaser has automatically regonised that the iPhone's camera is pointing at a barcode so it tells us to hold still for RedLaser to scan the barcode.

Once RedLaser has scanned the barcode, it will search for products with the same barcode online and show its results.

RedLaser has now grabbed all of the cheapest prices from Google and has displayed it to use sorting from lowest to highest. RedLaser does not only grab prizes from Google, but it also grabs prices from both thefind and eBay.

If you have found a cheaper price using this application, simply tap on the retailer you wish to purchase the product from and it will redirect you to their website where you can then make your purchase.

Now, you're probably wondering "What if RedLaser cannot scan my specific barcode?". RedLaser has that convered, it also has an option to enter the product barcode manually and it will perform the exact same search.

To summarise, RedLaser is a fantastic free application which could prove to be a money saver. Whether you're out and about , or at home wanting to see if you can find cheap prices, RedLaser will prove to be you're ultimate companion.

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