Apple Files Patent For New Bezel Based Secondary Display

Here at iPhoneBlogr we never post rumors or information with no solid evidence. Before I begin, let me stress this that is just a patent that has filed, it does not nessacrary mean it will be in the next iPhone model that is released. In saying that, I found this post very interesting and thought it would be great to share with others.

Now that the formal stuff is out the way, lets begin. The fokes over at PatentlyApple have been watching Apple closely for the that folks at Cupertino are filing at USPTO. They noticed that Apple has just filed a patent for a new revived which offers a display built around current LCD.

Secondary display is expected to surround the primary display and will only not be used to show visual content, instead, it is expected to provide illuminated controls. In the current iDevices, if the device needs an input from user, it will have to intervene with the primary and may overlap a visual content that’s currently being displayed. To overcome this, all input related controls are expected to pop on secondary display so that primary display continues to present visual content to the user.

This may evolve the device to have endless possibilities. This will welcome illuminated gaming controls which will only appear when you launch a specific app. This may also mean that Apple may replace home button to a virtual one which only illuminates as the hand approaches it. This can be visualized with the image below:

What do you think? Sound like a cool idea? Leave your thoughts below.

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