iPhone4 Unlock Solution SIM Interposer 112 Emergency Gevey Hack

A new has been developed that will allow some people to the 4 even on the current baseband. This hack is expensive and legally questionable so make sure to read the summary at the end of the article before you decide to proceed with this hack. If you are desperate, this may be a viable option for you, but we recommended to just wait until the NCK iPhone hack is released by the team.

Why 112?

112 had a long history as an emergency number for practical reasons; back then when the GSM standard was being drafted in Europe, 112 was chosen to be the universal emergency number to call that can be called from any GSM phone, free of charge, with or without a SIM card on any compliant network.

However long before GSM service was established, 112 has been used to report landline faults in China; the coincidence made it unsuitable as a true emergency number. The network still connects 112 as an unbilled emergency call, only to play an automated message in both Chinese and English informing callers of the correct emergency numbers to dial

What does it mean to unlockers?

  1. It works if A.your network handles 112 calls properly according to the GSM standard; B.they are tolerant to TSMI spoofing and does not actively validate your SIM again for incoming calls.
  2. Unlike its ancestors, the i4 SIM interposer is not a drop-in-and-forget device. The exact precedure must be performed should the device restart, lose reception for an extended period of time or move to another PLMN. In all situations the TMSI expires and has to be obtained again. Theoretically it is possible for a daemon to automate the process similar to ZeroG, but that only makes thing more convoluted.
  3. It is, without question, unethical or downright illegal to use the technique anywhere 112 is a legitmate emergency number. Not a huge issue in China where the number is only used for informative purpose; the providers has no immediate incentive to fix the loophole.
  4. All firmware/baseband combinations for the i4 up to iOS4.3 are vulnerable, however the exploit may be patched in any future software updates or via the carrier. If apple can influence providers to block Cydia it is not impossible for them to press them to fix the exploit. The only way to permanently unlock your baseband is via .
  5. SIM interposer should not harm your phone hardware, however your network could request and identify your device during the emergency call. Your identity cannot be faked and it is possible that they will ban your account. There is a reason why SIM cards remain legally the property of the service provider: you are not supposed to tamper with them without breaching contract.
  6. Notwithstanding all the problems, SIM interposer does not cause any battery drain since it is only active transiently, nor would it cause signal loss because it does not change cellular transmission other than the initial validation step.

An overpriced (US$50), unreliable and legally questionable mod; works for some but your mileage may vary; get it if you are desperate or wait for the 40-bit NCK hack by dev team.

[Via Singularity]

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