Gevey SIM iPhone4 unlock hack confirmed working 02.10.04 and 03.10.01 unlock

A few days ago we reported on a new SIM Interposer hack for iPhone4. This is an method that is for those who are desperate to their iPhones and it has now been confirmed working.

Gevey recently released a which can unlock the iPhone up to iOS 4.3 by force activating the using the dialer.

The SIM Interposer works by adding a EEPROM chip to your SIM card just like a TurboSIM. You then call 112, a number that can be called from any GSM phone, free of charge, with or without a SIM card on any compliant network. Once the call connects you hang up then toggle Airport mode on and off. When the network connection resumes you will be unlocked.

This method of unlocking is not recommended due to the legality of dialing 112 in certain countries. You can learn more about how the unlock works here.

[Via RedmondPie]

  • Erich

    The cost of this hack over here would be close to 4500 eur after about three calls – not really worth it.

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  • green eyes

    Dev team is still waiting for apple to give them the unlock. One hacker worried about the legality of another is a joke!. Dev team wont get the unlock until At&t gives apple the nod (not til end of june).

    • JaeM1llz

      I think you are confused about how the unlock process works. Apple doesn’t give the dev team anything. The dev team finds an exploit and develops a tool for the end-users to utilize that exploit in order to unlock the baseband. It has nothing to do with AT&T or Apple.