Greenpois0n updated to beta4 adds support for 4.2.6 Verizon firmware

As we reported earlier today, there is already a Verizon iPhone jailbreak. The Chronic Dev Team has now released beta4 of which adds support for firmware which comes installed on the Verizon iPhones. You can download the updated version below for and Mac. If you do not have a Verizon , there are no new features or bug fixes in beta4, it just adds the support for

Greenpois0n RC5 Beta 4 - Windows
Greenpois0n RC5 Beta 4 - Mac

  • iBrandon

    I successfully Jailbroke my friends Verizon iPhone 4 today with the GreenPois0n beta 4 update and everything went very smooth! :) He was happy with it and so was I. If you need help jailbreaking just ask us, we will be happy to help :)

    • Chester

      Can 4.2.8 be downgraded back to 4.2.6. 4.2.6 was the original firmware with my phone.

      • thescragster

        That will depend on if you have saved SHSH files for that firmware. If you have saved them, then yes you can restore, if not you will not be able to restore. If you do not know what SHSH files are, click here.

  • mo

    is there anyway to unlock bb-03.10.01 or downgrading to my old one bb-01.59.00 i saved my shsh before upgrading
    i already downgrade it to 4.1 but the bb still 03.10.01.
    please help me.


    • JaeM1llz

      No, there is no way to downgrade your baseband on an iPhone4 once it has been upgraded. Even if you downgrade the firmware, the baseband will not be downgraded.