Apple Mac Store to launch tomorrow January 6th with Tweetie app

Tomorrow, Apple is set to launch the version of the App . The expected time is 12pm Eastern Standard Time. There has been confirmation of a twitter application, , being launched alongside the Mac as you can see in the screenshot below from

It is unknown at this point what other apps will be available upon the launch of the Mac App Store, but it will likely be a lot of Mac versions of iPhone and iPad applications. It will be interesting to see if popular iPhone/iPad applications will do just as well on Macs as they do on mobile devices.

In a great strategy move, Apple is launching(possibly by chance) the Mac App Store on the same day that the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, kicks off(I had a chance to attend last year and it was an unforgettable experience). This should be great exposure for them as I'm sure there will be plenty of talk about the App Store in the various booths and presentations that will take place tomorrow.

The Mac App Store could revolutionize the way computer applications are priced from now on. On the iPhone and the iPad we have seen quite a few $0.99 applications which is unheard of in terms of Mac applications. But now with the introduction of the Mac App Store, we will likely see Mac applications priced in the same way.