OpeniBoot to enable Android installation on iPhone4 and iPad Coming Soon!

The guys who brought us Bootlace, a piece of software which allows the installation of on iPhone 2g and 3g right from the devices themselves, have now announced that , an open source implementation of the Apple bootloader, will bring support to and . Below are pictures of running on the iPad and iPhone4.

Below you can see a video of OpeniBoot running on an iPad:

  • HeroesPower

    whats going on with the 3GS ver.? left in the cold?

    • JaeM1llz

      There will be no 3Gs version for now, I asked the developer and he said “I don’t have a 3Gs I can work with on a regular basis and I don’t own one so it doesn’t interest me.”

      • HeroesPower

        thanks for the info. i really want to use android on my iphone but now i guess thats not gonna happen :(

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