How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2G Using The Pwnage Tool on iOS 4.1 – Video Tutorial

This is a I have just created on how to your using the Pwnage Tool on 4.1.

Download links:
Apple TV 2G iOS 4.1 firmware files, If that link does not work, click here

If you have any problems, please feel free to leave a question below or ask someone using our and support chat feature along the bottom of the page. To signup to our email updates, click here.

  • Bernd

    Nice screencast. But now we need APPS, like PLEx for ATV2G

    • thescragster

      I am looking forward to the release of added codecs for the Apple TV 2G. For many people, including myself, that will be of huge use!

  • Jeremy

    Where I can find a micro USB cable ?

    • thescragster

      Unfortunately a micro USB cable is not supplied when you purchase the Apple TV. You will need to use one you already own or purchase one from a local electronics store.

      You will need a Micro-USB to USB cable to allow you to connect your Apple TV 2G to your computer.

      Hope this helps

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  • Tim Chaten

    I’m having problems getting DFU mode working! :( – I do just as it says but it always failed – have tried now for a long long time and it is getting very frustrating! :(

    • JaeM1llz

      Hi Tim,

      Please follow these intructions to the “T” and you should get it working:

      1. Plug your ATV into your Computer via microUSB.

      2. Now reboot your ATV by holding down Menu + Down buttons together for around 6 seconds.

      3. After reboot, immediately hold Menu + Play until you see the message in iTunes saying that Apple TV in recovery mode is detected.

    • thescragster

      I know how frustrating it can be when it just seems like it’s not working.

      Have you got the power cable plugged into the Apple TV? If so remove this.

      Make sure that the remote you are using is pointed directly at the Apple TV and nothing is in the way of the signal. Is so move these.

      Before trying, make sure that iTunes can detect your Apple TV, it could be a problem with the cable you are using.

      Give those a try and see that helps at all, let me know if you are still having problems.

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  • David

    I am running itunes 10.0.1 and keep getting a “1601” error during the “preparing apple tv for restore” phase…very frustrating – any ideas?

    • JaeM1llz

      Try reinstalling iTunes, if that doesn’t work give it a shot on a different computer

  • bobby_digtial

    I am also having trouble entering DFU mode. I tried to use pwnage tool 4.1.2 on my mac, using itunes 10.0.1, but as I can never get it in to DFU mode. Also I am getting very confused how some are saying to hold menu + down for 6 sec, then immediately hold menu + play….. for how long????? besides the blinking light how do we know if it reboot???? these instructions are very vague. Some say to just let the pwnage tool take you to DFU mode but the tool only has you hold menu + play for seven sec. Pwnage tool keeps telling me that DFU mode failed. So what method do I use????? I cant get either to work. Please help! :(

    • JaeM1llz

      Pwnage Tool walks you through the process of putting your device into DFU mode. Just follow the instructions exactly as they are displayed in Pwnage Tool. Follow the video as a guide.

      • bobby_digtial

        Thanks for the quick response. Ok so i followed the video exactly, holding down the menu + play button down for 7 secs and releasing when it tells me to, and I still cannot get to DFU mode. I have tried two different cables have tried this on two different macs. Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot why I am not able to get my apple tv into DFU mode???

        • Kellygiz

          Hi, I was having the same problem, I solved it by first plugging in the Apple TV, opening iTunes, and clicking restore. This will update and restore your ATV to factory settings. After that, I was able to get ATV into DFY mode. I guess the problem was that my ATV was using iOS 4.0 instead of 4.1?

          • John

            I’ve been struggling too. I get different screens trying to enter DFU on my iMac and my MacBook Air. On my Air, the instructions (but not image) correspond to the AppleTV–but on my iMac it doesn’t ask to plug into USB and the times are different as if thinks I have an iPhone (5 and 10 seconds). Unfortunately, while the DFU on the Air seemed to work, when I restored the new IPSW I get an error message in iTunes “The Apple TV “Apple TV” could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (21).

            I tired this quite a few times and remade the ipsw file and still I run into the same error message.

          • Kellygiz

            Again, John, I had that exact problem, until I did the official apple restore before trying to enter DFU mode.

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  • John

    Thanks Kellygiz–I forgot to mention that I did do an official restore. Still got the error message 21.

    • Et

      I had the same problem as John.

      Here’s what I did:
      1. Restore with stock firmware
      2. Try DFU with Pwnage tool = fail
      3. restore with stock firmware
      4. plug back into TV
      5. reconfigure Apple TV
      6. Plug back into PC
      7. Try DFU mode again = Success !!
      8. Restore with Custom firmware

      • John

        Thanks Et–but still doesn’t work for me. The custom firmware crashes on 2 different computers with an Error 21 message.

        • John

          Any ideas for me? and my Error 21 problem.

          • hstar

            Resolved: I had exact same problem. error 21 with old and latest version of itune. tried diffrent pc 32bit or 64bit os no luck.. because its not itune or os it’s problem with DFU mode.
            i have tried to put my Apple TV2 in dfu mode using Sn0wbreeze 2.7.3 was keeping getting error21.
            Solution: Please use Ifaith (iFaith-Win-1.2.1) instead of sn0wbreeze and choose DFU Pwner then try to restore using itune.. it will work & you won’t get error 21.

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  • Flower

    Hi I´m having BIG problems jailbreaking the Apple tv 2g :(
    First of all im not a mac owner so im using the snowbreeze tool for Windows. This is my problem:

    1.I restored the ATV to original firmware first in Itunes.
    2.Then i plugged it in to Snowbreeze and got it in DFU mode.
    3.Restored it in Itunes with the new snowbreeze file.
    4.Plug in the ATV to the tv
    5.Cant ssh the ATV with WinSCP it just says Refused connection……

    Everything seems to be ok, but when i plug it in to the tv NOTHING shows and i cant get it in ssh mode :(
    Please can someone help ???


    • JaeM1llz

      Hey Flower, somebody else came to us with the exact same problem you are describing, after hours of troubleshooting I finally suggested that he try rejailbreaking using the “expert mode” instead of “simple mode” and that ended up fixing his problem. Give that a shot and let me know what happens.

      • Flower

        That helped my a lot, after i used the expert mode i can put the ATV in ssh mode so it seems like snowbreeze have a problem with the “simple mode”……..Thx for the quick help !!


        • JaeM1llz

          Great to hear Flower, glad we could help!

  • Socom


    I had a lot of trouble with this.

    First of all i got a lot of unknown errror like 1601, 21……

    the i change from my imac to Macbook and suddenly NO errors and the Apple tv restored from the custom file.

    Question: what firmware version should i see in settings on my Apple Tv, mine is 4.0, should it not be 4.1????

    plex is not showing on my screen after the terminal input?????

    • Flower

      If you click the “ok” button in settings you will se that you are in firmware 4.1 and version 4.0


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  • Nathan

    I am surprised that my new ATV only has 4.0 os. Now that this 4.2 is out. How can I update it to only 4.1 so I can jailbreak it as I am having issues as well with the DFU mode step. Thanks

  • Alessandro

    Is already possible to jailbreak an apple tv with firmware 4.2?

    • thescragster

      Hi Alessandro,

      No at this point, there is not a jailbreak available for the Apple TV on iOS 4.2. Be sure to keep checking out our website, we will let you know as soon as an official jailbreak is released :)

  • Brian

    This got me through the DFU problem with the use of the power cord. Hope this helps someone.

  • Zeemer

    I get the following error:

    The “Apple TV” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

    Any ideas on how to overcome? Thanks.

    My firmware is 4.1

    • Nick

      I am getting the same error. Anyone got any ideas?

      • Saikinnen

        Absolutley the same problem I have, I think it is something new for ATV, coz I was trying to google something about this issue but there were only results referenced to 3GS and 3G :(

        Is there someone who can help to find solution for this issue?

        • JaeM1llz

          What firmware are you guys trying to restore?

    • 6frai

      same message ! :(

      from 4.1 restore to 4.1 costumed by pawnageTool 4.1.2 and 4.1.3

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  • rpm123

    I have recently upgraded my Apple TV 2 (mid-November, and today Dec19th)) directly from Apple. I am trying to jailbreak it using pwnage 4.1.2 but I can’ get into DFU mode. Is it because of the upgrades?

    • rpm123

      BTW, I am on IOS 4.1.1.

    • JaeM1llz

      No, DFU mode can be entered regardless of what firmware you are using

  • Chris

    Hi i can’t get my apple tv to appear in itunes. I’ve tried 2 different micro cables, different macbooks and different usb ports. Any ideas on what i can do??


    • JaeM1llz

      Could be a hardware problem, take it into Apple and see if someone at the genius bar can figure it out, if they can’t they’ll probably give you a brand new one for free

  • beynder


    Might come across as a noob but have searched the forums and I can’t find anything, I have followed all of the jailbreak instructions, it seems to work correctly, itunes says my atv2 is restored. When I plug it into my tv I get an apple loading screen for a little bit then it disapears and the LED just keeps flashing any tips?

  • Ryan

    Wierd. I got through to the restore part in itunes and got the error:

    Device isnt eligible for the requested build.

    Anybody have this issue and get around it?

    • JaeM1llz

      You cannot restore a 4.1 firmware unless you have the SHSH blobs saved. Please refer to this post.

  • theranch

    Wow what a waste of time. I have the latest version of IOS installed on the ATV2 so I have to go the long route to get this working. I’ve wasted hours trying to get this working.
    I have the latest pwnage tool.
    I have the latest TinyUmbrella tool.
    I downloaded all of the support files.

    I continue to get errors in iTunes that ATV couldn’t be restored.

    • thescragster

      Hi theranch,

      What is the error that you are receiving in iTunes? If we know that we can help you from there.


      • danver

        Hi, I am having the same error as well about the device not being eligible. I have ATV2 with IOS 4.1.1. Any help for me?

        • danver

          My bad I have firmware version 4.1. How do you jailbreak tethered? My ATV will never be turned off anyway so I could go that route until the untethered jailbreak is out right?

        • JaeM1llz

          You cannot restore a 4.1 firmware unless you have the SHSH blobs saved.

  • Sharif

    Hey, i have an apple tv 2g, 4.2.1, and it had a tethered jailbreak, anyway, time came when i had to restore it, and itunes is constantly giving me errors when trying to retore, it keeps saying “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build”. ive tries doing everything, but i cant seem to restore it let alone rejailbreak it:(

    • JaeM1llz

      Use Seas0nPass to create a custom firmware for an untethered jailbreak

  • Chad

    I have a macbookpro and could not get the apple tv with Seas0nPass to work UNTIL I:

    1. Plugged in usb AND Power cable
    2. Pressed Menu and Play button until in DFU mode
    3. Unplugged power cord – USB ONLY
    4. now has constant blinking light…

    was able to jailbreak and install firecore software…. 6 hours of work but DONE!

  • JB

    Chad – Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was getting all kinds of errors (1602, 21, etc) and it wasn’t until I unplugged the power (step 3) that the restore worked!

  • Djswatko

    it asked to connect it to usb connect what? the apple tv?

    • JaeM1llz


  • PAL

    Get the message the apple TV, Aplle TV could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build … HELP please?

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