Greenpois0n is now Open Source

was supposed to be launched with Team’s SHAtter exploit but it actually didn’t. It however used limera1n’s exploit to iOS 4.1. The SHAtter exploit is still safe for a future iOS release.

Not only that Chronic Dev Team showed greatness by delaying the greenpois0n release and saving their own exploit, they have now come up with something even great. They have actually made greenpois0n open source by releasing the source code of it’s main injector module called ’’.

What is syringe?

Syringe is the “Injector” module from GreenPois0n. It’s used for sending exploits to the device and booting the device out of recovery mode, and into a jailbroken state, whether to a ramdisk or to the main filesystem.

The syringe source code is released under GNU and it can be accessed here at github.

[via Chpwn]

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