Cydia is now compatible with 4.2 and ready for release!

Earlier today, a user asked @chpwn if they had made any progress on getting ready. Apparently Cydia is already compatible with and ready for release following the public release of which is supposedly coming out tomorrow. This DOES NOT mean go out and update to 4.2 right now. Please remember that even though Cydia will be compatible with 4.2 shortly after it's release, doesn't mean that all of the Cydia apps will be compatible. After any major upgrade it usually takes a week or two for the application developers to make each individual compatible with the new firmware. Please hold off on upgrading to 4.2 until we tell you that it's safe. Thanks!

  • bhupatib

    Great news! Perhaps the devs can fix the several bugs which plagues current cydia installs.
    I haven’t yet been able to install any apps from cydia because everytime i try to refresh the database, it shows ”Error refereshing” and ”failed to fetch”..
    I’m have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS on Airtel..

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