Greenpois0n Delayed To Save SHAtter For Future Devices [updated]

UPDATE: Both Limera1n and Greenpois0n have been released, click here for a full tutorial on how to jailbreak using Limera1n, and here for a full tutorial for Greenpoison.

GreenPois0n took a huge amount of hard work and determination from the Team. The SHAtter exploit based tool was announced that it was going to be released today, but after the release of George Hotz’ Limera1n (which is based on a new exploit; pwns all iOS 4.1 devices), The Chronic Dev Team had to make a very tough decision.

If the Chronic Dev Team were to release Greenpois0n today, it would be wasting a very important exploit (). And they don’t want to let a perfectly good exploit waste away. So what they are going to do is delay GreenPois0n. Yes, you heard that right. After weeks of anticipation, the GreenPois0n tool is being .

Greenpois0n will now be reworked on. Chronic Dev Team will be saving the SHAtter exploit for later iOS devices and implementing Geohot’s exploit.

Chronic Dev Team posted on their blog:

Thanks to the irresponsible antics of geohot, we will have to delay the release of greenpois0n (new ETA = as soon as possible), so that we have time to clean up his little mess and integrate the exploit he uses in limera1n into greenpois0n. This way, we can save SHAtter for devices that may still be vulnerable to it.

We know that this is not what some people want to hear, but due to geohot needing to feed his ego (as usual) and revealing his limera1n exploit, we do not have any other responsible options.

The decision the Chronic Dev Team had to make was very hard. We commend them on both their dedication to the community and also to future jailbreaks. We beleive they have responded and made the correct choice. By the Chronic Dev Team not releasing the SHAtter exploit this should hopefully allow it to be saved in order to jailbreak the next range of iDevices Apple will release.

Do remember however that Limera1n has been released, this is an all-device, iOS 4.1 jailbreak. Please read the announcement here and follow the tutorial here.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe the Chronic Dev Team made the right choice? Leave your comments below or you can discuss them in our new chat feature located at the footer of the page.

UPDATE: There has been no ETA given by the Chronic Dev Team regarding the release of Greenpois0n. In reply to someone asking they said: "as soon as possible"

5 Responses to Greenpois0n Delayed To Save SHAtter For Future Devices [updated]

  1. James says:

    Well I guess they made the right choise, but I would of liked to see greenpois0n today.

  2. Derek says:

    It’s the way it should be. Greenpois0n would have only done newer devices and there would have been a need for another exploit to have been wasted to just get 3gs for example. This way one exploit gets all and SHAtter can be saved for later when needed. I’m sure the chronic dev team hated to have it go this way but it really is the correct way… IMO..

    • JaeM1llz says:

      I agree Derek, it’s unfortunate that GeoHot did what he did, but there’s no taking it back and the Chronic Dev Team made the right decision to save the SHAtter exploit for future devices.

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