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I have been looking for a decent media player for my for a while now. I take a lot of flights and don't like lugging around my heavy laptop with me everywhere so portability is a must. CineXPlayer is an application that can be found in the iTunes app store. This app will play all your encoded videos which is just great! As we speak I am watching last weeks new Simpsons episode on my iPhone and outstanding quality with no lag whatsoever!

is also availble on the iPad for even larger ! The best part is that it also includes output so if you have an output cable you can plug your device into any TV and watch it in full resolution which is great for those of you who like sharing movies and videos with your friends!

Adding files couldn't get any easier. All you do is go to the "Apps" tab of your iDevice in iTunes and scroll to the bottom where it says "File Sharing" then you select the CineXPlayer app and click "add..." in the bottom right of the screen to select your XviD files. After that, iTunes syncs the videos to your iDevice just as if you were syncing photos or music and they can then be immediately loaded in CineXPlayer

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  2. Jeff Sharp says:

    I have downloaded Buzz Player, yxPlayer, CineXPlayer, vlc, and now finally Azul Media Player — honestly speaking Azul is the best right now — it lets me download movies directly from within the app without using iTunes and I can play a whole lot more formats.

  3. […] Otherwise, for those who are not fans of VLC Media Player, or for our readers who do not have a jailbroken device. We would also like to suggest another application that does the same thing that is still available in the iTunes app store. Come check out our cinexplayer review! […]

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