Apple TV 2G SHAttered and jailbroken! [updated]

MuscleNerd has just posted both a tweet and picture confirming that the new exploit has also the !

As this has only just be announced we still do not have a lot of information. There are also a few other members within the community working on jailbreaking the Apple TV. Chromic Dev Team member willstraf tweeted earlier today about the structure of the Apple TV OS.

As the Apply TV has only been released a few days ago this is still a very new area. We will keep you updated as soon as any more information becomes available.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed…SHAtter can trick Apple’s new AppleTV 2G into restoring to a pre-jailbroken IPSW from PwnageTool too!   Literally the only UI application on the ATV is, but now the window is open for jailbroken apps of all varieties.  (Just like the early iPhone days, the only apps you’ll see on the AppleTV will be jailbroken ones).  In the meantime, here’s a showing (via ssh) into Apple’s new product.

[via The Dev-Team Blog]

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13 Responses to Apple TV 2G SHAttered and jailbroken! [updated]

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  2. James says:

    Sweet can’t wait first one to comment.

  3. maverick says:

    Hi, I have iphone 3gs(new bootrom, MC model) 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n n unlocked. I didnt save shsh blobs then. But due to some problem, i restored to 4.0.2 Now there s no jailbreak for this FW. Then i downgraed to 4.0 without requirement of shsh blobs. But still there s no windows jailbreak for this FW as im not having shsh blobs saved. But now i saved shsh blobs for 4.0.2 and 4.0…. Now what can I do to jailbreak my iphone? I dont hav carrier sim, no shsh blobs for 3.1.2, Can i upgrade to 4.1 and jailbreak it? If any problem jailbreaking 4.1, is there any possibility to downgrade to 4.0.2 or 4.0 as I saved SHSH blobs for them? Plz any one guide or suggest me

  4. Nix0n says:

    if u hav the new baseband the new SHAtter JB will do your phone?

  5. thescragster says:

    Hi Nix0n,

    Baseband is completely separate to jailbreaks, SHAtter will jailbreak the new firmware that has been released but the new baseband does not currently have an unlock (and maybe not for sometime).

    You will be able to jailbreak but if you require a carrier unlock and have already updated to iOS 4 without preserving your baseband you are stuck.

  6. elchakaloso says:

    Well…. iPhoneBlogr, one thing i can say Nice news…, But bad Page Management.., you even know that “More Information” exists on the posts?, because all the page looks like a mess on here…, I doesn´t even want to bother myself to have to scroll a large page and have to see post that i dont even want to see.. I can´t even make a post.., so what it´s this page for?, only make people read?, It would be nice to make this place to make people able to post, the people that want to post nice!, we receive them.., and the others who doesn´t it´s alright, I can help you if you want, I had a page earlier but i had hosting problems on it by the traffic… anyways.. if you want me to help you email me..

    • JaeM1llz says:

      People are more than able to post comments on these posts. As a reader I would much rather follow a blog where all of the information of a post is right there in front of me instead of having to click read more and being taken to another page. The information is much more convenient this way, and no, sorry, we are not looking for any more help right now. Unless you’re really good with SEO then send me a message.

  7. Nix0n says:

    I gotta agree this blog is easy to use, everything is where it can be seen easy and no problems with posting! I was watching a few blogs to keep up to date with the new JB but now only watch this! and some1 always has any answers needed! looks great on iPhone and simple! good work guys!

  8. thescragster says:

    Hi Nix0n, thanks heaps for your support! It’s great to hear about dedicated readers 🙂

    If you have any positive suggestions on things we could add/change to the website we are more than happy to hear them.

  9. Getting some news about the Verizon iPhone release date? Seems Verizon will be getting the iPhone in January! Cant wait

  10. Jeniffer Szumiesz says:

    Awesome Information, thanks for the useful Post. I will come back later.

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